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February 17, 2011

Aaron Baddeley


Q. Nicely done. A round that wasn't going too much on your first nine but then the eagle on 1 gets you going.
AARON BADDELEY: Actually I was playing really good the front side, as well, just missed a couple of putts. I played really nice all day, so I was pleased, and definitely making an eagle on 1 was a bonus.

Q. After the T6 last week at Pebble Beach, obviously you got something going there, you've found something. What did you find that's been able to carry over?
AARON BADDELEY: Actually I started playing good in San Diego. Even though I missed the cut, I played really well, and played nicely in Phoenix, just the putter dried out on the weekend. Obviously it was nice to finish up nicely in 6th position and get some results from how I feel like I'm playing.

Q. You feel like you've been playing well all month?
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah, I've been playing really nicely, just haven't been seeing the results. It's really making a couple of putts. You can hit the ball really well, but if you don't finish it off you don't get the rewards. Just making a couple of putts here and there makes a difference.

Q. Conditions on the golf course today seemed really, really gettable and yet 4 is all anybody has done. Tell me why.
AARON BADDELEY: It's a little cool, so the course played longer. I don't know, it was just sort of -- the breeze was just sort of there a little bit, not a lot, but I don't know, sometimes there's days -- you can have the exact same day tomorrow and scores could be really good. They tucked a few of the pin locations, as well.

Q. Of course we won't have the same conditions tomorrow.
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah, exactly. It's a pity because the course is in such good condition, so hopefully the rain can not rain too much.

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