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February 15, 2011

Daniela Hantuchova


A. CHAKVETADZE/D. Hantuchova
6-1, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Difficult conditions out there. You looked pretty exhausted.
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: Yeah, well, I just came in yesterday. Yeah, I felt so tired. Felt like I didn't have much energy on the court. I was trying, and I know the tennis was not very pretty. I was trying my best and trying to somehow get into the match.
Physically it was just impossible today.

Q. Was it temperature?
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: No, because in Pattaya it was much warmer.

Q. No, I mean you had a temperature.
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: I don't know because it was not working, the thing. I don't know. I'm going to see now.

Q. You complained of dizziness; is that correct?
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: Yeah. I couldn't even keep track of the score at one point. I didn't know what the score is. It was kind of tough to be focused on the game.

Q. Having gone so deep in Pattaya and won the tournament, you must've come into this one fairly low energy-wise.
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: Yeah, definitely. It's always very emotional when you win a tournament, especially there was no time to rest or anything. We went straight to the airport and flew all night. Yesterday I was trying to recover, but just not enough time.

Q. Is that a problem on the tour, that there isn't enough space?
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: Well, I mean, it's the way it is. I don't know what to say. It's just, yeah, I was happy to win the tournament there, but of course I wanted to do well here as well.
For that I think I would need at least three, four days to get used to, because anyway here the conditions are so different that I think all the players arrive so early before the tournament to be ready.
So to hope that I'm going to get used to it after half an hour hit yesterday, it's impossible.

Q. In Fed Cup you're playing Serbia April.
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: Yeah, well, we played them last year in Serbia, and it was a great match there. We're looking forward another one. Going to be nice that it's home for us and we don't have to travel anywhere. We will see.

Q. I think Ana and Jelena will play both, and Bojana Jovanovski now who is uprising. What do you think about that match?
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: Well, we are also playing, all of us, so we will see.

Q. Your first win in three years, and now this disappointment. How do you look forward from here?
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: Yes, I'm disappointed today, but still I'm so happy over last week. Probably the positive emotions are much more important right now. I just need to rest few days and try to get back my energy and get ready for Doha.

Q. You spend your off-season on the photo shoot, the calendar for the HIV victims. Can you just talk about that.
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: Yeah, that was great. It was very inspiring for me I realize doing something like this when it's for charity. It took two days to do the calendar, but I felt like I didn't need to use any effort to do it, because I know it was going for a great cause.
We had a lot fun. All the people in the team were fantastic. We were just really pleased with the outcome. It's really great to help like this.

Q. How did you pick that hospital in Cambodia?
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: I've been supporting that for already three, four years, I just never talked about it because I feel like charity is something is something that you got to feel to do it from your heart, not just to show up to people what you're doing.
I think that's not the right way, so I never mentioned it. We just thought this would be a nice idea to make the next step to give even more.

Q. When do you leave for Doha?
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: I'm still playing doubles here.

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