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February 13, 2011

Tiger Woods


Q. Didn't go all your way but a lot of positives out there?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, there were quite a few positives this week. Also a couple glaring examples of what I need to work on, which is good, and I'll go to work next week.
It's just like anything, all of my old feels are out the window when the wind blows, so that's the thing when you're making change. I went through this with Butch and I went through this with Hank. It's fine when the wind is not blowing, but when I have to hit shots and the wind blows, the change of feels and the new swing patterns, they get exposed.

Q. Frustrating day?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, very frustrating. I thought today was -- if the wind blew, ten was going to be a good number. If the wind died down just a touch it was going to be 11 or 12 and kind of turning out that way right now.
But I got off to such a poor start, I was 2-over through three early and just couldn't make it up from there.

Q. Do you feel it's getting there, though?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I mean, as I said, when it was calm this week, I hit the ball pure, and that's the thing. When the winds blows, I have to shape shots and hit shots differently and all of my old feels are kind of out the window. That's the thing about making changes. As I said, I've been through this before with my last two instructors, and it will come around. I just need more work and more practise.

Q. Did you feel you made the kind of progress this week that you were looking for?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it was a step in the right direction, there's no doubt. I improved a lot considering where I was at Torrey Pines a couple of weeks ago. That's a step in the right direction. Obviously I didn't finish the way I needed to finish to win this golf tournament. Put myself there after two rounds and just didn't get it done.

Q. In terms of looking ahead to the big tournaments, the Masters, which is always your goal in the Majors, how do you assess your game vis-a-vis --
TIGER WOODS: It's progressing. It's progressing. We still have two more World Golf Championships coming up, two big events, so that's something that I think all of us who are playing in those events are looking forward to it.

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