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February 12, 2011

D.A. Points


D.A. POINTS: I birdied 16, 17, I did part of them right. It's 18 doesn't set up great for my because I fade the ball and you've got a left-to-right wind and the last thing you're going to do is start it out over the water and try to slice it off the water.
Unfortunately it went right up under the lip and I was just taking out a sand wedge trying to just get it back out in the fairway and it caught the overhanging lip.
And then it went into another horrible lie that I could not hit anything more than a lob-wedge out of that, so you know, six after that is very disappointing. Today was an absolute crazy day, not just because of Bill but I was always over the map, shooting under par today with whatever, felt like as many penalty strokes as I had -- but the good thing is I'm still in the hunt and tomorrow I'm going to try to come out and light it up.

Q. Explain what happened on 9?
D.A. POINTS: It went into the hazard and I got out and I could see my ball and the thing is, I've never hit out of that stuff over there. I've never been there. So I don't know if the club goes right through it or not. It looked innocent enough. I could see the ball, so I thought, well, shoot, I could pop this on the green and maybe make it or worse make bogey. As soon as I hit it, it immediately stops your club and the ball, and it's one of those things that if I could have taken a practice swing in a hazard I would have. But I obviously couldn't do that.
We're in the hunt and that's what the hat was for today, we were in the hunt so we brought out the Elmer Fudd hat. Bill has played so great. Really all week, he's putted well and he made probably one of the best pars I've ever seen by anybody including pros today on No. 12. He hit the most perfect flop shot to four feet and made it. It was really awesome.

Q. The eagle at 6, can you take us through that?
D.A. POINTS: After I hit a really good tee shot with the driver, I was like, oh, man, I don't think I'll hit driver again but got down and had a nice 4-iron yardage and hit it to 15 feet. Bill hit a good putt in front of me and showed me the line and I was able to pour it in.

Q. A lot of guys on the leaderboard are looking for their first win tomorrow, you have to feel good going into tomorrow?
D.A. POINTS: Yeah, absolutely. I felt better had I birdied 18 and been tied for the lead but all things considered, I didn't play my best golf today and I'm in the hunt.
So you know, that's certainly encouraging and you know, I made just one or two putts today, maybe 3-putts today, so hopefully tomorrow I get hot.
Of course the advantage I think will be for me because I will have played the course today much like it will be tomorrow, which I think will be an advantage. So hopefully I can use that.

Q. Did Bill dial back today a little bit?
D.A. POINTS: No, he was still good. I say no. I've never played with him before so I don't really know. But he threw a little girl in the bunker on 17 and he threw me in the bunker on 17. He still did plenty. He gave everybody Ben and Jerry's ice cream bars on 17. He did plenty of stuff. It doesn't really bother me. I hope he does it tomorrow. I'll be interested to see what the guys we play with tomorrow feel about it but it didn't bother me.

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