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February 11, 2011

Peter Hanson


PETER HANSON: Playing a little bit easier with no wind this morning and the greens are fantastic. They are probably the best putting surface we have seen any time. So if you start the ball on line, you know it's going to go in.

Q. With the conditions being that much easier on the second morning, did you expect further gains?
PETER HANSON: Maybe a little bit. But it's still tough, because the greens are firm, so if you're not hitting the ball 100 per cent, if, say, in the rough, you're coming into some of these greens, it's hard to take the pins on.
And to be honest, I may be haven't been playing as good as I would have liked. Yesterday afternoon, I missed quite a few fairways, and same thing today, so it's not easy to go really low. You have to take advantage of the par 5s on the back nine, and I made a mistake on 13 and only managed to make par. And then missed a good chance on 18.
So you really have to take advantage of those.

Q. How things change so quickly in this game; Bahrain just a couple of weeks ago, scoring was terrific.
PETER HANSON: Exactly. Maybe Rory, he played fantastic yesterday, maybe he can run away a little bit this afternoon and he obviously likes this course having won here a couple of years ago.
I'm just going to try to focus on my game and if I can maybe go one or two lower than I've been doing these first two days, I would be very happy.

Q. Do you like this course? You obviously love the greens?
PETER HANSON: I love this course. I think it's great. And especially the way it's set up now with these really firm greens, and they kept the bermuda, which I love. You have to really think your way around here now. The fairways are still very soft, so it's playing its full distance.
Like I said, it just brings another element into the game when you have to aim away from some pins and try to shape it in or hit it high, and just demands a little bit more.

Q. What are your thoughts on playing in the group ahead of the top three in the world?
PETER HANSON: You kind of look back a little bit, and I saw Tiger was playing really nice today. You can see that he can hit the ball higher than anyone else and get it coming down soft on these greens. If he played the way we know he can and he probably knows himself, he will shoot low scores around here. I think he's 5- or 6-under today coming down the last hole.

Q. That group has been the focus of the tournament with lots and lots of people going out to see them. Does that have an impact on you when you're playing ahead?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, it's great. We get a little bit of a tail of that, the people come up and try to take a spot to watch them and obviously they have to watch us, as well. But it's good fun when you have the crowds around.
I have to say, the U.S. Open a couple of years ago, I played the same thing, just in front of Tiger on the Saturday, and it was very chaotic, but here, it's been very good. People have been stopping and watching our game a little bit, and then of course waiting for the group behind with the top three players in the world.

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