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February 11, 2011

Steve Marino


NELSON SILVERIO: We welcome our current leader, Steve Marino to the media center here at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. Steve, thanks for spending a few minutes with us.
Can you just take us through your round today and maybe some thoughts going into Saturday.
STEVE MARINO: I had another great day today. Played solid. Lots of fairways and lots of greens, putted great, made some nice chips, and really finished the round off nice birdieing three of the last four.

Q. These putt courses you're lifting up, huh? Two really good golf courses and 13-under. Very impressive.
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, I've hit the ball great and my short game has been great. Really hasn't been a weakness to my game over the last two days. Just really capitalized on most of my opportunities.

Q. Was it two years ago at Turnberry at the Open that you - with Watson - that you had a great tournament and you were in the press room quite a few times?

Q. Really sort of blossomed there, I thought. Did that have an affect on your career since then?
STEVE MARINO: Maybe a little bit. You know, it gave me a lot confidence knowing I could compete and lead in a major championship. Just to be able to play in that kind of atmosphere on Saturday in the final group with Tom Watson was a great learning experience.
I only think you can take positives from a situation like that.

Q. Sometimes tough to follow up a great round with another good round. Did you think about that at all going into today?
STEVE MARINO: No, I didn't really think about it at all. This tournament is kind of strange. You play a different course every day, you're playing with amateur partners. It's a little more low-key and laid back.
There's not -- I don't really feel much pressure or, you know, not really thinking about backing up a good round with another in this tournament. I'm just trying to go out there and enjoy the people I'm playing with and have fun.

Q. Padraig talked about a rookie mistake you made on 7 today talking about how hard this played in the U.S. Open, and then you guys went a head and bogeyed the hole.
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, it was on No. 14, the par-5. We were talking about how firm the greens were and how firm the greens were in the Open. Wee were talking that both of us made four pars in the U.S. Open on that hole and how we probably had like a shot in a half on the field, and then we both made a mess of it and made a bogey. We learned our lesson.

Q. Here you sit 36-hole leader at this point. When is it too early to look ahead and think about what might be come the weekend?
STEVE MARINO: In this game it's always too early to look ahead. I mean, that's something that everybody tries to avoid. In a way it's kind of inevitable at some point.
I got one more round left at a different golf course, so I'm not really feeling it at all right now. Doesn't really seem like I'm leading the tournament.
Come Saturday night, if I'm in the same position I am right now, it's definitely going to feel different because we got everybody on Pebble Beach and we got one round left.
Right now I'm just looking forward to playing Monterey Peninsula tomorrow.

Q. Can you draw on any other situations like this where you've had this kind of a lead at this juncture, though?
STEVE MARINO: No, not really. (Laughter.) Not at a stage like this, no.

Q. Is there one of those three courses that you prefer or you like better, is more enjoyable to play?
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, well Spyglass is probably my favorite.

Q. Why is that? A lot of the guys don't like it.
STEVE MARINO: Really? I don't know why you wouldn't like this course. I think it's just awesome, man. It's cool. You tee off, first hole you're heading out towards the ocean, and then you go down and you kind of head back into the trees. It's just a cool place. There's not really any golf course like this.

Q. It opened in '66 and played the tournament there in '67. It wasn't ready and it rained like mad. I think that ruined it for a lot people. Because of those tall trees inland, things don't dry out well and they got a bad rep. But over the years people have come to like it.
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, I think it's one of the best golf courses in the world.

Q. (No microphone.)
STEVE MARINO: I shot a 68 there last year.

Q. (No microphone.)
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, yeah. I feel good. You know, I'm not really worried about it, so...
NELSON SILVERIO: All right, Steve, thanks.
STEVE MARINO: All right. Thanks, guys.

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