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February 4, 2011

Robert Rock


Q. Best round of the day, how did it go for you out there?
ROBERT ROCK: Pretty good really. It was a bit easier than yesterday. But still, I drove it nicely and didn't really get into too much trouble. It was pretty good. A good chip-in as which is a bit abnormal for me.

Q. Have you been working on your chipping at all?
ROBERT ROCK: I have, I've gotten various tips from different people and some of them worked so it's quite nice.

Q. Did it click today or has it been clicking over the last few rounds?
ROBERT ROCK: I've been playing got last few -- all this year so far. Missed the last two cuts by one. I've played okay but haven't got a decent score going. Didn't have to do too much work. It was just careless little basic up-and-downs. But the last couple of days have been all right.

Q. A lot of the players are saying this golf course either suits your eye or doesn't suit your eye. Is this a golf course that suits you?
ROBERT ROCK: Not normally. I've not done well here before I struggle with some of the lines off the tees and the rough is pretty thick, so you need to get the tee shots in the fairway. I drove it well last week. I have a new driver in the bag, and that helps. And following on to this week and seeing some of the shots a bit better, not all of them, but some.
Decent position so far for today. Not sure what the day will bring for the other guys but if it's like this, I would assume some of the guys will get to 5-, 6-, 7-under par. I'll be a few back but that was an all right round.

Q. Worth stressing that it's still windy out there.
ROBERT ROCK: Not anywhere near as windy as yesterday but there's still a wind that affects your shots, maybe ten yards or so. So it's enough to make it trickier. But it's not difficult.

Q. Presumably after that first round when you were buffeted here there and everywhere, you feel relaxed the second day?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, it's a bit easier but you still know you've got to hit the drives into the fairway, and sometimes the wind helps a little bit. You've got -- you can allow for a lot of wind to just aim somewhere down the right and hope that it brings it back, when there's not so much wind, you know you have to get the shot spot on. You do need to hit the fairway if you're going to have any chance on these greens because they are pretty firm -- not fast, but firm.

Q. Essentially the score you've shot today is a good knock on a difficult track.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, some guys have shot 10- or 11-under around here, haven't they.

Q. Hard to see, isn't it?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, 4-under is probably one of my best scores around here. So hopefully I'll manage to better that eventually, but it's a decent score.

Q. Do you get the impression that it will stand the test of time, with others coming out and the wind picking up a little bit?
ROBERT ROCK: No, not really. I've played okay but I haven't played brilliantly. I left a lot of putts short, so I probably could have got three or four more. Retief could shoot 6-, 7-under; somebody always does.

Q. You won't be that far adrift?
ROBERT ROCK: No, I'll be with none of the later groups I would have thought. I've missed two cuts in a row, so this is all right.

Q. In general terms, how do you feel about your game?
ROBERT ROCK: I've played well but didn't really get any sort of scoring going in the rounds that were just normal, boring rounds, where I've been shooting level, 1-over, 1-under. I've been hitting decent shot but not making the putts or making silly little up-and-down errors with basic chip shots. A little bit of chipping practise over the last few weeks has worked a little bit today.
I played 34 times last year, ten, 12 days off for Christmas, two then two before here, and I'll do here and Dubai and India and then maybe I'll have a break after that.

Q. Do you want to ratchet it back a bit or are you happy to continue to play?
ROBERT ROCK: I like the events in South Africa, so I wasn't going to miss those. I have struggled in these events really, so it would make sense for me to probably not play these and have time off here but it's hard to miss these early events. But I will have some time off after India.

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