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February 4, 2011

Paul Lawrie


Q. A 66, how does that sound?
PAUL LAWRIE: It sounds very nice. Played good. I played solid tee-to-green, and putted particularly well. I putted nicely yesterday, too. Didn't hit the ball very well yesterday and 2-over was a good effort, and then came out today and kind of holed pretty much everything.

Q. How were conditions today in comparison to yesterday?
PAUL LAWRIE: Well, yesterday was as tough as you're going to get. There's a lot of rough out there this week, the course is set up very tough, and when you've got that amount of wind and you're going in with 3- and 4-irons to greens that are quite firm, it's difficult. But scoring was still pretty good.

Q. Whenever there are blustery conditions, your name always gets mentioned. Does that put extra pressure on you at all?
PAUL LAWRIE: No, I find it quite funny because whenever you walk on the range when it's blowing, everyone says, oh, you know, you'll be all right this weekend; it obviously only blows in Aberdeen and never blows anywhere else.
I am comfortable in it. No, I don't have a problem with it. I would rather it was flat calm all the time like everyone else, but when it's windy there are certain things that you have to do and your patience has to be there.

Q. You've won here in the past, so is there a feel-good factor, as well?
PAUL LAWRIE: It's always nice to come back to places that you've played well in and especially won. I feel comfortable here. I like the greens. I always tend to putt well here. You can see the grain. There's nothing hidden. It's a great layout, great design. So looking forward to a good weekend.

Q. Martin Kaymer said in years gone, by it's a place where nobody runs away with the tournament; do you see that can the case again, or do you see somebody shooting low scores over the weekend?
PAUL LAWRIE: I think when you have a quality field like we have this week, week-in and week-out now in Europe, there are a lot of good players, and nobody runs away because there are so many good players.
But it would be nice if I could run away this weekend. That would be very pleasing but we'll just keep going and see what happens.

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