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February 5, 2011

Chris Couch


Q. Pretty good round, 6-under par. It took a long time to get it finished but you had it rolling. What was working well?
CHRIS COUCH: I drove the ball very well today. I missed one fairway and it was on the last hole there, on No. 9. But I don't think I missed the center of the fairway all day other than that, and that really helps out here. Hitting off the short grass to these tight pins where you can control the spin and all that, that helps a lot.

Q. There's a bit of mystery with some of the breaks on these greens. Tell me how tough that was.
CHRIS COUCH: Well, you get some tricky ones. I mean, my caddie Ronnie, he's one of the best readers of greens I know, so he helps me out a lot out there. But definitely get some tricky ones where -- like there on 9 I thought I made it dead center and it didn't even touch the hole. But you're going to have that out here.

Q. We were out there on the front nine, you heard the madness going on on the back nine. This is a Saturday in Scottsdale. How hard is that to block out when you know there's chaos going on on the other side?
CHRIS COUCH: That's what this tournament is all about. The fans come out here to have fun. I love it. When I'm back home that's what I like to do. I like to have fun, play, and we yell and each other and do whatever. But I think it's a great tournament for that kind of thing, and we don't see that too often out here.

Q. Super Bowl tomorrow, who do you think is going to win?
CHRIS COUCH: I'm sticking with Pittsburgh, I'm going with the experience, and I'm going to go 24-17.

Q. How excited and how important do you see the next two days being for you?
CHRIS COUCH: You know, I'm just going to keep trying to do what I'm doing. I thank God for putting me in the position that I'm in for this weekend. We're already on the weekend, but for the next 36 holes, and hopefully I can keep my energy going. I'm not in the best shape that I've been in my life, but hopefully I can keep my energy going and keep a good, positive attitude out there.

Q. What's working with your golf game so well right now?
CHRIS COUCH: I drove the ball very well today and hit 13 fairways, only one missed fairway on the very last hole there, and I got away with it, thank God. But that's important out here. You hit the fairways, you control the spin to these greens. There's a lot of tricky pins out there where you need to be able to control the spin.

Q. Has anything been going on recently the last week or two to really attribute why it's been clicking for two days?
CHRIS COUCH: You know, I played good the whole West Coast. I played good at Bob Hope, played good in San Diego, and it's carrying over this week. I love this golf course, had a good week last year here, and I enjoy the atmosphere. I think that this is a good course for me, and hopefully I can keep coming here as long as I'm healthy.

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