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February 4, 2011

Thomas Bjorn


THOMAS BJÖRN: It was one of those days where golf seemed a bit easier than it does on normal days. Got off to a fantastic start, 2-under through six. Even when I hit a few iffy shots, I got away with it. It was one of those days where everything just went my way, and putted well. I had some great chances coming down the stretch to go even lower, but golf just seemed simple today.

Q. Did you feel very comfortable on the greens?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Yeah, I holed some great putts early on, and I think that gives you the momentum and confidence that you've got the pace of the greens and you're reading them right. So I just continued it throughout the round and I holed some good putts today, and you know, coming off a 65, you've got to be very happy.

Q. Ewan Murray described you as "vintage Björn" today. Do you feel as if your golf is in a really good place right now?
THOMAS BJÖRN: I've been struggling to be honest the last few weeks and I struggled a bit yesterday. I worked hard, and when you work hard, you have to get things start going in the right direction and I'm starting to swing the club better and I'm feeling more comfortable with what I'm doing after a long winter break. It takes a few weeks to get back, and today gives you some confidence knowing that you can play golf that well.

Q. You've had a couple of top tens in Qatar; do you think you can shoot some low scores over the weekend? Are you feeling optimistic?
THOMAS BJÖRN: I'm feeling optimistic with the situation that I'm in at the moment. You know, coming off, from today, you have to be optimistic about what you're doing.
For me it's always a process of trying to get back to where I want to be, and one round doesn't make it all happen but it gives you confidence and it gives you relief that the golf is in there. So I'm just quite happy with where I am and the weekend, there's a lot of golf to go and we'll see.
It was nice, it was simple today. I never really made any big mistakes, and the iffy shots I hit, I kind of got away with. So it was a nice day on the golf course.

Q. It's good to use the "word" simple when they are gusting, windy conditions. I know it's not as strong as the first day but still awkward.
THOMAS BJÖRN: Yeah, but I feel like with my swing at the moment, I feel like I can get on the golf ball properly and I feel like I can control my ball flight in the wind. I know that never really worries me too much. It's more keeping the ball in play and holding a few putts. That seems to be the problem for me and today I drove the ball well and I holed a few putts.

Q. You used the phrase, 'with your swing at the moment,' sounds like you've got it where you want it.
THOMAS BJÖRN: I won't say I've got it exactly where I want it but it's certainly getting better.

Q. Always a work-in-progress. How is the game in general terms? Have not seen a lot of you over the last couple of weeks.
THOMAS BJÖRN: I had a seven-week break over Christmas completely away from golf, and it always takes me a bit of time to get back into the swing of things. So the last two weeks have been a struggle. Yesterday wasn't too great. This is a sign of things improving.

Q. Was that beneficial, the seven weeks away?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Yeah, I needed it. Sometimes I play myself into the ground. I played a lot of golf last year and I needed some time away from it to just think about different things and get back out and be fresh in the mind. So I'm quite looking forward to this year.

Q. Those breaks did you have away, some were because of injury problems and little niggles, as well?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Not really. I just felt like I played 32 events last year and I felt that was a lot. That's more than I normally do and I felt like I just need a good break away from it. I got tired and couldn't really compete and patience running out on the golf course, and you know it's time to go home and get away from it a little bit.

Q. Are you totally fit, as well as fresh?
THOMAS BJÖRN: I feel very good at the moment to be honest, and that's very unusual for me.

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