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February 3, 2011

Chris Couch


Q. Talk about playing here in Phoenix.
CHRIS COUCH: I played well here last year and I like this golf course. It's been treating me well the last couple years, so hopefully it'll keep going the next three days.

Q. Really got it going on the back nine.
CHRIS COUCH: Yeah, you know, I played real steady today, and I made a good putt there on 14, good up-and-down on 15. Unfortunately a little mistake there on 17, but overall it was a great round.

Q. I thought you got a bad kick on 17.
CHRIS COUCH: It was a bad swing. I deserved it.

Q. And you almost took a run at birdie on 18 from 54 feet away.
CHRIS COUCH: I'll tell you, the thing was going right in the middle. It was tracking. I was just lagging that one, trying to get it up there close. Any time you make par on 18 it's a good score. Hopefully like I said I'll keep it going the next three days.

Q. Who do you like in the big football game?
CHRIS COUCH: I'll tell you, I've got to go with the experience and go with Pittsburgh. I like Pittsburgh I'm going to say 24-17.

Q. How good is a 66 on this course?
CHRIS COUCH: I'll tell you, they were generous with the tees today, thank God. They had some up tees. It was freezing out there, especially this morning. Like I said, we were sniffing a lot out there. Nose was running the whole time, but we managed to get through it.

Q. What's the most difficult thing to do out there performing when the temperature is so low?
CHRIS COUCH: I think it hurts the feel. You don't have real good feel. But I was able to hit a lot of greens today so I didn't have to chip too many times. But definitely if you're chipping and hitting out of the bunkers out there, it's going to hurt the feel.

Q. You're going to have to wait a long time to play on Friday. What do you think you'll do all day on Friday to get ready before you actually go out and play?
CHRIS COUCH: I'll spend some good time with my wife and my little one. I'm sure we'll find something to do, watch a couple movies, relax. I'm good at that.

Q. Good to get that first round in the books?
CHRIS COUCH: Yeah, it was nice. I didn't know what to expect coming out here today playing in 30-degree weather, whatever it was.
But it took a lot of patience out there today. We waited four hours to tee off. I sat in the locker room the whole time. Did a couple crosswords, kept myself busy and got off to a good start. It felt nice.

Q. Talk about the conditions.
CHRIS COUCH: The course is in perfect condition. They've done a great job. This course is always in great condition, and I enjoy coming here because of that.

Q. Are the fans being a little bit more calm because of the weather?
CHRIS COUCH: I'll tell you, if I was in the crowd I'd be drinking more because of this weather, but that's just me. I don't know, you know, they're not quite as rowdy as they were, but they never are until the weekend.

Q. What did you think of it out there with the delay and everything?
CHRIS COUCH: You know, like I said, it took patience before the round just waiting around and waiting around, finding out how much more of a delay there was going to be. But once we got it going we were one of the first groups out. It went -- we never waited all day, and we had a good pace out there.

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