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January 17, 2011

Kei Nishikori


6-1, 6-4, 6-7, 6-4


Q. Tough match first up.

Q. He had chances; you had your chances. There wasn't a lot in it.
KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah, it was tough condition today. Really windy. And, you know, but it wasn't hot, so it was okay.
Yeah, I started well, like unusual. You know, that second game, I should get the second game. I had a breakpoints, and I just miss an easy volley. He came back, and, yeah, after that it was many rallies and he didn't miss much.
I was up tiebreak, but he came back. It was mentally tough for me. But, you know, I came back well fourth set, break his game 2-All. After that, I was playing well I think.

Q. Are you overall happy with how you played?
KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah, I mean, like this today, you know, it's no going to be hundred percent. But I think I played good enough to, you know, win today.

Q. You were ill last week. Can you let us know what happened there and what the setback was?
KEI NISHIKORI: Oh, yeah, I had a stomach problem. I don't know why the reason, but I think maybe from India. I had an all-day flight, so maybe from that. Yeah, I had a tough the stomach problem three days.

Q. And you're working with Brad Gilbert as your coach.

Q. How is that going?
KEI NISHIKORI: It's been well. Working pretty good. He gave me already good advice. And, like, my tennis is changing.
So it's been working well I think.

Q. You came into the net quite a lot today. Is that something you're changing in your game or has that always been a strength?
KEI NISHIKORI: Not much. I should come more net. I think that was normal for me, but I should have gone to the net more today.

Q. What are the new things you want to change in your game?
KEI NISHIKORI: No many mistakes and no crazy miss and play steady. I have to work on my serve a little more. But I want to increase more percentage for my first serve, second serve.
Yeah, I think those two are like main things for me.

Q. How will Brad Gilbert work with you? Does he travel with you some of the time?
KEI NISHIKORI: Just 15 weeks for one year. From December we start together. He came to academy at Bollettieri's. I went to his house to train couple days before started this year.
So, yeah, it's been like on and off.

Q. Dante Bottini, does he continue to be your full-time coach?

Q. He travels with you all the time?

Q. Brad Gilbert is here in Melbourne or not?
KEI NISHIKORI: He's here, but he's doing the ESPN thing. So, you know, he can't come watch. But we talk together at night about the matches.

Q. What's the best piece of advice that Brad has given you so far?
KEI NISHIKORI: I don't know I should say here (smiling).
But, no, he's really good. I think we gonna be good, I don't know, relationship or something. Yeah, it's going to be good, yeah.

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