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January 24, 2011

Agnieszka Radwanska


7-5, 3-6, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. That was a really tough match. What did you think of your game? How did you see it?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: Yes, actually I was playing against her almost every Grand Slam: at Wimbledon and US Open. I remember I was always playing against her at least three hours and three sets. I didn't expect an easy match today so...
I'm just happy that I came back and won this match and I'm in the quarterfinal.

Q. Do you want to talk about the two match points you faced.
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: Well, actually, I just can be happy because I really did a good shot on those two points. You know, it's always great feeling when you winning match like this because it's just very tough, especially in the end when I had really a lot of tough matches before and I was pretty tired.
I'm just, you know, very excited that I won again a very tough match. Like in first round I was also down in the third set. So, you know, great.

Q. Maybe next time you go into a Grand Slam, you should have no practice and no matches.
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: Yeah, I think I should have surgery before every Grand Slam definitely.

Q. It's pretty incredible, given what you went through in the fall, coming here and winning matches?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: Exactly, I think this is unbelievable. I really feel great. You know, not even till the last minute did I know I was going to play here. I was just very happy after the first match that I was playing match without any pain. Even if I lose the first round, I will be anyway happy that I didn't miss the Grand Slam and I'm back on tour.
Now I'm in the quarterfinals, so I just can be very happy.

Q. Can you think ahead a little bit and say that your level is very good? Can you maybe go further?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: Well, I think, you know, I'm feeling much better every round. In the first two matches, I didn't feel that comfortable on court. I mean, I think it's always tough to play first matches after three months' break. It was my first tournament.
So, I think, you know, since first round I'm playing much better. I'm just looking forward to the next round.

Q. Do you want to talk about Kim if you had to play her, what kind of challenge she would present to you?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: I think now is no pressure. I just feel very good after my very short off-season. Well, I mean, she's a great champion, so I have nothing to lose. So I'm just going to try and play my best tennis and try to win.

Q. Is it easier to come up with a great shot match point down than during the game?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: I think it was weird because I wasn't nervous. I was just feeling so good on those match points. I don't know why, because normally my head is shaking and everything is under pressure.
But I think because I just felt already like no pressure. It was the fourth round. Like I said, I knew it was going to be very tough playing against her. We always have very good matches, long matches.
So, uhm, yeah, those two match points, I hit great shots. Good for me.

Q. Did you expect her to choke a little bit in the end or did you hope for it?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: Well, actually, on this match, there were a lot of breaks and everything. But even if I was already 5-All, I won my serve, it was like you didn't know till the end if I win this match or not because there were a lot of breaks, a lot of long rallies. I just knew that I gonna win this match after my match points were saved.

Q. Did you watch Schiavone and Sveta yesterday?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: I was watching, but just in the beginning of the third set. I didn't watch the end.

Q. Your thoughts on playing 4 hours and 44 minutes.
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: I think it's just impressive staying that long on the court. I think for the both of them, they're playing such a great tennis over there till the end. I saw the replay afterwards. And, yes, I think it's very big respect for both of them.
Of course, you know, all the best for Francesca. Maybe she will do good in next match, but feeling the same good. It's hard to have just one day to recovery after a match like this.

Q. What is your record against Kim? Have you ever played her?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: I played her, but long time ago. I remember that I lost against her at Wimbledon. I think it was four years ago. I think it was only one match, I think. I can't remember any others.

Q. It was your first match at Wimbledon, I guess, or second.

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