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January 30, 2011

Daniel Nestor

Katarina Srebotnik


6-3, 3-6, 10-7

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Daniel, all of Canada wants to know, what took you so long to win a second mixed doubles title?
DANIEL NESTOR: Having a really good partner obviously helps. Yeah, I always told Nenad he has the best mixed partner, and that's why he's got her locked up for the next however long.
But, yeah, she played great. I played well, too. That's some of the best mixed I played this week. I don't always play that well. But I was happy with the way I played, too.

Q. Katarina, for the next Grand Slam, you could have him against Nenad. Who gets...
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: I could, yeah (laughter). No, I mean, like Daniel said, we played great. He played extremely well and served so well the whole tournament, so was a pleasure to play with him.
Yeah, I mean, I'm really happy for us. It's not bad for the first time we play together. Not bad at all.

Q. What was the key to the win today? It wasn't an easy match. You lost a set.
DANIEL NESTOR: I mean, there was probably no real key. I think just hanging in there early. In the first we lost serve and then broke back. That was important to stay close there.
I played a bad game to start the second, which kind of lost our momentum, but then we broke right back again. Then they played a pretty good game to break us to win the set.
I think it was just, you know, trying to win more of the big points, which we did in the tiebreaker. But it was really tight. I mean, Hanley made some great crosses in the tiebreaker. He missed a couple volley that he hit well by like an inch or two.
It came down to one or two points. It was good tennis.

Q. Katarina, how does this compare with your other mixed doubles you've had wins in?
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: Yeah, I mean, definitely this is the one I never won, and I really wanted it, you know, badly to win so I can say I have three Grand Slam wins now. Wimbledon is the only one missing.
So, I mean, really, of course because of Daniel as well, because we play first slam together. So I wanted to make it good for him as well and not play badly. I didn't play so well in the second round. I was like pushing myself, C'mon, you know, because he's a great player.
Yeah, I mean, was important, and I'm really happy, yeah.

Q. I gather that you won't be playing together for the rest of the year; is that right?
DANIEL NESTOR: No. Nenad has her locked up forever (smiling). He was supposed to play with Ivanovic here in preparation for the Olympics, so that opened the door for us playing together.
Maybe if he plays with her again sometime in the future we can play again.
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: Yeah, definitely. US Open was the one he was still questioning. So, for sure, you're the first in line, absolutely.
But since we already made an agreement, I like to keep the word, you know. If I say, that's it.
DANIEL NESTOR: I have no problems with her stabbing Nenad in the back at all (laughter).

Q. When did Nenad tell you and how did you get another partner?
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: I think it was in Beijing. Yeah, it was in Beijing. Yeah, so, I mean, a little bit surprised by that because Olympics is still a long way and it's not on grass court. But, you know, I respect his choice.
Then I was looking, and Daniel was right there. Zicky kind of said in joke that Daniel thinks I'm the perfect mixed player. Of course, he was joking. I still don't believe to this day.

Q. He was serious.
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: No, he wasn't. Come on.
So I said I would love to play. And that's how we end up. Now he might regret it.

Q. Is this the end of your mixed career?
DANIEL NESTOR: Can't get any better than this. Maybe I should stop (smiling).
Yeah, I mean, I never considered myself a great mixed player.
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: You proved it today.
DANIEL NESTOR: I played better this week than normal. Obviously playing with a great partner helps. I'll try and find someone that I'm compatible with for the future.

Q. How big is this in Slovenia?
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: I don't know. I hope they respect that. I really don't know. Slovenia, it's an interesting country. They respect singles a lot, doubles a little bit less, mixed a little bit less than that as well.
DANIEL NESTOR: Pretty much the same as everywhere (laughter).
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: It's normal. You know, that's how it's created.
But I think this is, even though it's mixed, every Grand Slam title, it's a big deal. You know, I really don't know. I think they appreciate it. It's my fifth title. No one's here, so that shows how much respect there is for mixed.

Q. You're not playing singles at all anymore? Last match was in Montréal.
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: That's correct. That was my last one. Kind of decided last year that's it. My body also wasn't holding up for singles and doubles. Like a lot of third-set singles matches, my shoulder would start being sore again.
It's just more physical playing singles than playing doubles. It just wasn't worth it. I was back in top five in doubles, having a good partner by my side, and I had to make a choice. If I would go to play smaller tournaments to try and lift my singles, I would lose my doubles partner.
I just said it's not worth it, and I really do not regret it at all. The decision to just play doubles and mixed.

Q. How do you compare as partners Daniel and Nenad? They are slightly different personalities out there. I don't think you maybe said 25 words to each other.
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: We talked before the match about every point, every possibility, so we knew exactly what everyone has to do, so there's no need to communicate (laughter).
No, Daniel is a great guy, I mean, on and off the court. Really calm. A little bit different to Nenad. Nenad is more fiery, yeah, likes to talk more. Daniel is more quiet.
But that doesn't make a difference. He's a great, great person. So it was no problem, even if we weren't talking that much.

Q. What are your plans for partners for mixed at the Olympics?

Q. In terms of a partner from your country and your preparation.
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: Yeah, we basically have just one girl, one option. She's around 50 in singles. But, yeah, I mean, I only played one match with her in Fed Cup. So I'm not sure, you know, if I'll play or not. If I will, it will be with her.

Q. No mixed?
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: Well, there is no mixed. I mean, for our guys -- well, is there mixed in Olympics?
DANIEL NESTOR: Yeah. That's why Nenad wants to play with Ana.
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: Well, I think Kavcic, he qualified. He lost second round to I'm not sure. So maybe him. But I never tried playing with him.
I mean, if I'm gonna play Olympics, for sure I'm going to try and play. Of course, they won't be as good as Daniel right here, so my expectations will be a little bit low.

Q. His partner may not be as good as you either.
DANIEL NESTOR: I don't know. Wozniak or Marino.

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