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January 30, 2011

Stephen Gallacher


Q. 5-under par for the final round, 18-under par for tournament, how good was that?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I was pleased with today. Tough day today. Wind got up a bit just as we were starting to very tricky. So delighted to shoot 5-under today.

Q. On the front nine, you had four birdies in a row, and the back nine, only pars. What was the reason for that? Getting tougher?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Just it was tough to get the ball close on the back nine with the cross-wind. Just kept on hitting it to sort of 15, 20 feet and never got it close enough. So I hit it pretty close on front nine, but was really tough at the end.

Q. Those four in a row, you must have been thinking you were in with a shot.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Those three holes, 6,7, 8 were tough. I thought to myself, 10, 11, 12, I gave myself chances at 10 and 12. I birdied 12 but 13 was a killer, I hit it on the wrong side. I was in the second cut and I tried to nudge a rescue down and it squirted a wee bit right.
If I had birdied that, I might have been in with a shout. My target was 20 at the start of the day, but you never know. I'm happy with that.

Q. Continuing with the good run of form?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yeah, it's good, the World Ranking points is what I'm after. My goal for the first four tournaments is to try to get into the Match Play, so it's on the right way.

Q. Certainly moving the right direction?

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