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January 30, 2011

Robert Karlsson


ROBERT KARLSSON: It was a very good week. I haven't played my last competitive round -- it was in Dubai at the Dubai World Championship so, obviously very, very happy coming back this way. It was a bit -- the first day wasn't very good, but since then it got better and better, and I'm very, very happy with the score.

Q. Essentially you have not had a bogey for something like 53 holes?
ROBERT KARLSSON: No, and that one was a stupid little missed putt from three feet from the first hole on the second day. But I chipped and putted very well this week and that's the key not to make any bogeys, and obviously I think it probably is the longest run I've ever had. So I'm very happy with that.
Now I leave that behind, and most likely make bogey on the first hole next week. But we'll see.

Q. Well, next week is your defence and presumably you go there in a great state of mind, as you say, after a long time off and to get this kind of form under your belt?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Looking forward to next week, doing much work over winter but the work I've done has been quite good. So I'm not worried about sort of how it feels. So I'm very happy going there next week, and looking -- it's always great to come back to courses and tournaments where you've done well before, so really looking forward to it.

Q. Was that the plan over Christmas and winter, just put your feet up a bit?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I was going to do that for a while anyway but planned to go back to North Carolina third of January and was going to practise sort of beginning of January, because it's going to be okay but then it snowed for two weeks and couldn't do anything.
Went down to Florida for five days but was hoping to get to Florida after playing more than 18 holes. So I was hoping to play properly and hit some balls, so you don't spend the two first days trying to find the sweet spot.

Q. All the more impressive that you managed this.
ROBERT KARLSSON: Yeah, and at the same time you also lower expectations a bit. It's good. I'm very happy with the way things went.

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