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January 30, 2011

Martin Wiegele


MARTIN WIEGELE: Except hole No. 1 and the last two holes, I played really phenomenal. I would say maybe my best game that I brought out ever. I mean, I did struggle a little bit on the first. I was still asleep I think and I bogeyed the first one and then the last two. I also had a bogey on 17, and then I felt a little bit nervous and a little bit in a negative mood. And I did manage to make a really incredible par on the last, which did feel like a birdie actually. So I'm very pleased to bring in the 64.
Yeah, it was a phenomenal day and especially playing with Mr. Montgomerie was something special. It was the second time, the first time in the tournament for me. I played only like in a promotional thing back in Austria, I played once with him. So this is a different story to play in the tournament.
Yeah, I was very pleased to bring out such a game with such a special person in golf, and I hope I carry on my form to Qatar.

Q. This week, it's all the more special to play with him because he is actually the course designer. So I don't know if you had any comments, but you certainly proved what can be done around his course.
MARTIN WIEGELE: Yes, I mean, I do like slopey greens somehow. I did win in Saint-Omer, which is very slopey greens. Yeah, we were joking around a little bit about it, and he said -- a few times he said, "Maybe I should have designed the course even tougher. Looks too easy."
But it isn't in a way. The first three days, I struggled with my putting and I'm very pleased now to get the good putting back again. Looking forward for the next two tournaments in the desert.

Q. I think the intention is to modify those greens so they get up prior to coming here next year. I take it you're one of those that don't mind if they keep it as it is?
MARTIN WIEGELE: I think on a few holes, it should be changed a little bit, because if you are having a long shot into the green and the green is very severe, maybe they can try to flatten out a few spots.
But otherwise, I'm all right with it. I mean, it's somehow challenging to have to play it to certain spots. Otherwise, you're in front of a big slope.
So it makes it a little bit more interesting where you have to think on the green shots even more than on the normal golf shot.

Q. Did you tell Monty this?
MARTIN WIEGELE: No, I didn't. Maybe I should.

Q. I think, if I've done my research correctly, that's only the joint-lowest round of your career on The European Tour, 64?
MARTIN WIEGELE: Possibly. I mean, I know that 62 is my lowest one. Then I had one 63, and I think a few 64s. I remember in Austria back home in Fontana, leading after the first round with a 64, but you might be right.

Q. And those others must have been on a different level on The Challenge Tour or elsewhere?
MARTIN WIEGELE: Well, a 64 in Fontana but the 62 and 63 was on The Challenge Tour, exactly.

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