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January 30, 2011

Soren Kjeldsen


SØREN KJELDSEN: Yeah, it was great. The last three days, it's gotten worse and worse. And I had a big session on the range yesterday, sort of figured it out after about an hour and a half; and I had to scrap it and then got a new idea again the last hour and a half and felt pretty good.
It was sort of one of those days where I hit a good drive on 1, which the driving has been the problem and I hit a good drive on 1 and felt happy after that. It was like suddenly I could see good shots and just built on it. It was a good round.

Q. So what improved?
SØREN KJELDSEN: It was just something about how I feel the release a little bit. I was trying to, you know, the pattern doesn't change that much, but it's changed a little bit recently, and in the end, the ball was just going so low off the tee that I thought, you know, if I release the club properly, it's going to go higher than that. So obviously I'm delofting the club. So I got a nice feeling of releasing a lot early.
I was thinking about Jack Nicklaus always said, you can't release the club too early because with the natural forces, it's not possible. So a nice, fast release, you could say. So that was the thing today.

Q. 8-under through 12; was 59 in your mind with two par 5s to come?
SØREN KJELDSEN: No, it wasn't. If you had seen me play the first three days, 59 definitely wasn't in the cards. But obviously, I mean, that was probably the only mistake I made today was on 13 where I tried to mash one to get a long way down there and I didn't really have to, because I mean, even I could hit it over the corner today on the fairway and get up in two. I tried to hit it too hard and hooked it and didn't make birdie on those two par 5s.

Q. That meant you were going for it.
SØREN KJELDSEN: Oh, absolutely. Suddenly it felt good and suddenly I didn't feel any restriction. I felt like could I go at it, which is a nice and free feeling; the first time for a long time.

Q. I take it after the car and good feelings last week, all a step in the right direction and you'll be up there on a Sunday soon?
SØREN KJELDSEN: Yeah, I thought it was very positive last week. And then obviously I was quite disappointed after yesterday, because it just got worse and worse. But nice session yesterday and seems to be like I'm back on track.

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