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January 30, 2011

Jhonattan Vegas


Q. Another great Sunday. A 68, you're going crazy.
JHONATTAN VEGAS: Hey, you know, it was a good day. It was a great day. I think I played really well. When it went in the water, I knew I had to make an eagle and put a little pressure on him. Unfortunately, things didn't go my way.

Q. Easier to play today than it was last Sunday for you?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: Well, it was a lot easier because, one, I've been trailing all week. So I'm always on the go, always pushing, always going for it. And it was a little less easier than having the lead. But having a win always gives you confidence to continue playing well, so it was great.

Q. Talk about the second shot at 18 when you had a chance to go for it, and you kind of needed to get there, didn't you?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: I knew I had to go for it. And Bubba is a really long hitter, so I knew he had a short iron to the green. So I tried to hit it close and put a little pressure on him.

Q. Great week again, hey, you're getting close to making the Match Play if you keep this up?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: That's kind of what we're looking forward to. We've just got to keep playing well.

Q. What was the club on 18?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: It was a 5-iron.

Q. Did you have a good lie?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: I had a pretty decent lie. But I gave it a hack, and I went for it. I hit it good too.

Q. You made a bunch of par putts again. It seemed like one of the holes on the back nine when the putt got away from you, it went down the slope. What happened on that?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: Like I said, it was a really, really tough putt. It was almost impossible to get it close. I just tried to make it and knew that I had to make something going to put a little pressure on Bubba.
Like I said, he played great, man. He hit some incredible shots coming in, so he deserves it.

Q. 13 I think there was another putt that kind of went all the way down the slope and you couldn't make it coming back. Do you remember that one?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: That was on 11, I guess. Three-putted, I had a really difficult putt. It was very quick. I just a little misjudged it.

Q. Do you have to attack this course, because you played big like you would at a major event?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: You know, this is the type of course that you really have to hit it a ways from the tees, and I think that I did that a lot better today. You really have to hit fairways, because the greens are really tough to get it close to the hole. So like I said, you really have to put an emphasis on that.
But it's a great course overall. I mean, you have to do everything absolutely well. The pin positions are really tough. Everything's hard on this course. So you've just got to stay patient, give yourself the best opportunity, and keep hacking at it.

Q. It's supposed to be tough to win one week and play well the next week. But with everything that's going on, you were able to focus and regroup for this week pretty well.
JHONATTAN VEGAS: I was just staying focused. I've been playing great golf. I'm enjoying the moment, and enjoying everything about the PGA TOUR so far. It's been a dream come true. I'm just loving it, having as much fun. Even when I hit the ball in the water on 18, I went, oh, well, let's see if we can make it now.
Like I said, you've just got to keep loving the game, and that's why we're here.

Q. What was it like playing with Bubba and seeing some of the places he hit the ball, and some of shots he hit with the curves and the slices and draws that he hit?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: His game is interesting. But, hey, like I said nobody said, nobody said you have to play this game a certain way. So you've just got to find a way to hit it, hit it again and make it in the hole.

Q. Does playing with someone like that make your game better?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: It definitely does. It just gives you confidence to keep playing better, and that's what I'm looking forward to.

Q. In the era of precision golf, do you thin (Indiscernible)?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: No, man. I mean, you see these kind of courses you have to really be precise. I don't care how long you hit it, you really have to be precise.

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