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January 30, 2011

D.A. Points


Q. You wear the orange and blue yesterday. You win some money for the University of Illinois golf team. You've got the blue and white on today wearing the school colors. Shoot 68-67 on the weekend, nice job.
D.A. POINTS: Thank you very much. It was a nice weekend. I love playing here. This place has been really good to me.
Winning the money for the University of Illinois was a big honor yesterday for me, and then to follow it up with an even better round today is pretty special.

Q. Top 10 last year, Top 5 this year. You really do like this place.
D.A. POINTS: Yeah, I look at my little girl and say daddy's going to try to go play for some college. That's what I tried to do today.

Q. You might want to put that money that you won into a little fund so she can play golf?
D.A. POINTS: The Laila Jane Points scholarship fund, that would be pretty exciting.

Q. What worked for you this weekend? You got it going.
D.A. POINTS: I hit it really well last week. I didn't actually drive it out well this week, but I was pretty smart all week, and I putted well, you know, when you can clean up all the little ones around this place with the Poana greens and being generally soft. The course was in perfect condition and I was able to hole a lot of short putts.

Q. Were you reaching at 18, trying to make something special happen?
D.A. POINTS: No. To be honest, I had a good number for a nice easy 3-iron, and the wind kind of gusted up on me. It should have been just left to right, and I got a little gust, and it just ate it up and it came up short. But there was no laying up. It was going for it all the way.

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