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January 30, 2011

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: Well, today was nice starting out. I hit it just as pure as can be, and then it progressively got worse as the day went on. I hit so many good putts that didn't go in today and consequently probably one of the worst possible scores at 3-over.

Q. Well, there is so much involved in making swing changes. People have to trust it, have a hard time thinking about it, and learning how to make adjustments to it. What inning are you in in this whole process?
TIGER WOODS: You have to shape shots as well. It's not just hitting it. These greens are springy, so you have to hit the correct trajectory to have the right shape. And now the wind's blowing, so it's not just getting out there and hitting range ball.
I have some work to do. There's no doubt about that. I have a week to get ready.

Q. After you go to Dubai, when can we expect to see you? Do you have your schedule figured out yet?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I'm definitely playing in the future, no doubt.

Q. What a difference if you make the 6-footer at 1, and 8-footer at 2?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, if I hit it as pure as I could possibly hit it starting out and got nothing out of it. As the round went on, I progressively got worse with my golf swing. And ironically enough, felt better and better with the putter, so it's one of those things.

Q. How do you assess your week?
TIGER WOODS: I hit a lot of good shots early in the week, and then it progressively got worse. So I have a week to get ready and got a lot of work to do.

Q. Is this golf course set up any differently than a U.S. Open or a major?
TIGER WOODS: I was surprised that it would play -- granted, I shot a high number today, but it played that easy today. We didn't have the normal, typical pins. We had three or four that were much easier than normal. Tees were moved up on a few holes. 18 moved up two tee boxes.
It's a bit of a shocker. But it provides more atmosphere for guys to make some birdies and then get after it. This is not a U.S. Open where you're getting par every hole.
Here it's different. They're trying to make a few birdies, make it a little more exciting.

Q. Can you comment on your swing change?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely, because it's a complete different release. The release that you want to have for the good shots and full swings are the same and even the putting stroke. So the putting stroke is the smallest swing there is.
So everything should be the same throughout the golf bag. And that's where I was with all my other teachers and that's what I'm trying to do here.

Q. Are you not tempted from time to time to say, okay, I know I can chip this way or putt this?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, but how else are you going to get better? You've got to do it. It takes reps and it takes reps under competition. You can't be afraid to go ahead and try it.

Q. How far away are you?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, it's progressing. I don't know. It's one of those things where I don't know where the end is. You never know where the end is until you're done with your playing career.

Q. Are you surprised? I mean did you have higher hopes coming in based on the off-season?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely, absolutely. I started out hitting it pretty good out here this week. I really did, and it progressively got worse.
We have some things that we need to work on. Sean and I have been talking about it every night. I can do it on the range, but it's a little different when I've got to bring it out here and I've got to shape shots. I've got to hit the ball with the right trajectory.
These greens are not soft. So you can't just hit any trajectory. You have to hit the proper trajectory. Then the wind's blowing and it's a lot. I've got some work to do, which is good.

Q. What pattern is creeping in? The old Hank stuff?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely, yeah. They're very different swings. It's tough. I mean, it's one of the things I struggled with when I worked with Hank trying to relearn some new things and going away from what I did with Butch.
The old motor patterns are still there, and that is the thing. You're going to have to -- I'm going to have to fight through that. And I've done it before, and there's no reason I can't do it again.

Q. How do you stay patient with yourself?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it's commitment. It's just commitment to change and to moving forward. As I said to you guys back after the first playoff event last year, I got committed to what I'm doing, and I'm not looking back. I'm moving forward. And that's what I have to do, and that's what I'm doing.

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