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January 29, 2011

Bubba Watson


Q. What did you hit in on 18?
BUBBA WATSON: I hit a 7-iron. A perfect 7-iron, perfect distance. Just tried to fly it on the front. As long as we put it on the front, we were fine because it should bounce up there. It bounced up there pretty nice, and actually flew farther than we expected it to. But I knew it came off the club face good when I hit it.

Q. What happened on the green? What did Rickie say to you about dinner?
BUBBA WATSON: Rickie said he's buying dinner.

Q. That's not what Rickie said. You better stop lying (laughing).
BUBBA WATSON: Rickie came up to me and said, just go ahead and finish with a 3 three. And I said, if I make it, I'll buy dinner tonight. He's got his girlfriend, couple friends, my wife, probably my caddy will show up. Probably ten or 11 of us now I've got to buy dinner for.

Q. I'm coming too.
BUBBA WATSON: No, no, this ain't a buffet (laughing).

Q. Come on, man, tell me about your round. A little bit up-and-down, but you just hung in there and hung in there?
BUBBA WATSON: I don't know what the stats are, but it seemed like I hit a lot of greens, made a lot of good shots. Three-putted a couple, missed a couple of putts that I hit really good. I just didn't get the ball in the hole.
And then my caddy, you know, I hit a shot on 8 and he said, hang in there. You never know. You've got a lot of golf left. It's just like Travelers where I ended up winning after I was way down. He said you've got a lot of golf left. And I somehow made a birdie and made the eagle.

Q. You've been working on staying patient? It seemed like today you were really just staying patient?
BUBBA WATSON: I've changed my attitude. I'm trying to change my attitude and trying to get better. At the same time my goal is to shoot even par better every round. No matter what the leaderboard is, no matter how far down I am -- I mean, I'm losing by. Just to shoot even par better every round. At the end of the year, if you did that, you'll be playing pretty good.

Q. You've been playing pretty good so far. Any luck getting Phil to Twitter?
BUBBA WATSON: He actually brought it up. Now that you mention it, he brought it up talking about us young guys and Twitter and Facebook and all that stuff.
But we didn't ask, because he obviously didn't know much about it. You could tell by the way he was talking about it. So, no, he's still not going to Twitter.

Q. You're 11 under on the tournament. How about that eagle on the 18th hole? What happened?
BUBBA WATSON: That was huge. I hit a great tee shot down the middle. Knew I was going to have a short iron in. Worked out that I had 7-iron, flushed it, hit it perfect and ended up about 20 feet away. And hit a great putt and got it to roll in.

Q. What will you think about now overnight?
BUBBA WATSON: Same thing. Stay patient, a lot of things didn't go my way, but I ended up with a birdie three and eagle three for 3-under. So just keep doing that. I can't control what the other guys do. Phil and them play good, I can't control that.

Q. Not a bad finish for you. How do you feel going into tomorrow?
BUBBA WATSON: I feel great. I finished with a birdie and an eagle after a slow start, so I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait. I Hope to come out on top tomorrow with a three, three again.

Q. What happened (Indiscernible)?
BUBBA WATSON: The rough. It's a long course, first of all, and then the high rough is always hard. The greens are firm almost like a U.S. Open back a couple of years ago. So it's just always a good test of golf no matter how the wind blows. It's just a tough golf course either way you look at it.

Q. On 16, your target couldn't have been lower, on 18 you couldn't have been higher. Talk about on 16 what happened there?
BUBBA WATSON: I hit a terrible 5-iron. I wanted to hit a 4-iron, but I went for 5 for some reason. Just a bad golf swing, tough lie. Standing in the bunker, the ball was above my feet.
You know, again it was a bogey, but my caddy kept pumping me up and telling me don't worry about it. You never know what's going to happen. So I birdied the next hole, and he's like, see. And then I eagled, and he's like, see. Now he thinks he's smart.

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