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January 29, 2011

Paul Casey


Q. Thoughts on the day?
PAUL CASEY: We had a blast. You know, overall, I'm currently, as we stand here, tied for the lead in the championship so pretty happy from that standpoint, as well.

Q. What are your expectations for tomorrow?
PAUL CASEY: I just need more of the same. I just need to play like I did today. I gave myself lots of opportunities. Take care of my own game. If I shoot another good round of golf, that's the plan, and then what everybody else does, is out of my hands.
So go out there, have fun, enjoy it, try and post 5-, 6-under, something like that. And we'll see if that's good enough.

Q. You told me earlier that you didn't know where the ball was going, how was it today? Looked better?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, it was much better. Good control of the golf ball today and drove it very, very nicely, and although it was only one shot better, 66 today compared to the first two days, much more comfortable, and probably should have been lower. Very happy to have the ball-striking on the range.

Q. Did you find something on the range?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, a bit of a posture change. I actually shifted -- just checked the posture to see if it felt like a little bit slouched, sort of sitting back on the heel with the weight on the toes, and maybe shoulders are turning a little bit steeper and keeping the spine angle and actually able to get the golf ball in the direction I wanted to.

Q. Your three drives at 13, 14 and 15 went very nearly a thousand yards. What's it like to hit it that far?
PAUL CASEY: I've been watching that the first few days playing with Mr. Noh, who was smashing it by me by 20, 30 yards. That was fun today. Finally starting to compress the golf ball. 670 for the two drives on 13, 14, pretty good combo. They ran a long way, it wasn't all carry, but still pretty good fun.

Q. 12-under par, so obviously length is manifesting itself in making those accessible?
PAUL CASEY: Very much so. Trying to think, we have had a couple of eagles so far this week. I think I certainly can reach all the par 5s thinking about it. This golf course, as we know, the greens are tricky, so I think being a long way down the fairway is a big advantage especially in the par 5s.

Q. Guy Kinnings told me your Pro-Am win on Wednesday was your first Pro-Am win ever, and I've just been told you won another.
PAUL CASEY: I was getting a lot of schtick the beginning of the week, because the hotel, which is just lovely down the road, and they put me in 666, that it's bad luck. A bit worried Poulter is charging things to my room right now as we speak right now, probably his massages. I was getting a bit of schtick that it's going to be bad luck, so if that's another Pro-Am win, hopefully cap it off with an actual tournament victory tomorrow, which would be three wins, would be very nice.

Q. You won three times in early 2009 and not since, is that irking you a little; overdue?
PAUL CASEY: You know, there's been injuries, back since 2009 that were lingering early last year. Last year wasn't a bad season overall. It was disappointing not to get victories, but really it was only six months of very, very healthy golf.
It's difficult out there. I'm playing in the best events around the world. I do need to step it up. I do need victories, but I'm not in any way worried about it.

Q. You obviously had a great Pro-Am.
PAUL CASEY: Kevin Aherne, he plays at Woburn, and to be honest I wasn't sure how this was going to go down. I know that our fearless leader, Thomas Björn, our chairman spoke to the amateurs last night, whether it was partly that -- I just think it was Kevin.
He's a 4-handicapper playing at Woburn. He knows his golf very, very well. He was absolutely brilliant and was 2-under gross through the first six holes, beating me. He was a joy to play with. He was an absolute gentleman and he played wonderful golf and we couldn't have -- Clarkey and I, we really enjoyed it, and I think not knowing what to expect, we have come out of this experience, we had an absolute blast today.

Q. And did you discuss that you might win the cars coming out or not?
PAUL CASEY: Well, the goal was just to beat Thomas. (Laughing). It really was. If Gallacher and Kingston made two birdies down the last to beat us, would I have been a bit annoyed that I should have holed that putt on 18. But not as annoyed as I would have been if Thomas had beaten us.

Q. Do you think it made you relax a bit more having the Amateur?
PAUL CASEY: It gave us something to really strive for and took a lot of focus away from the actual championship. We're just trying to make birdies for the team and win the Pro-Am for Kevin and win a car for ourselves.

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