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January 29, 2011

Kevin Aherne


Q. You gave great support to your team and you win the team competition today. Tell us how much of an impression was it for you playing with these two guys?
KEVIN AHERNE: Just indescribable, really. Two fantastic golfers, and they are as nice as my best friends. I couldn't tell you -- just right from the start and I had two of them reading putts. And then I was getting them.

Q. They both told us how very much they enjoyed their round together with you, and especially Paul was a bit concerned that you were playing better than he was.
KEVIN AHERNE: Yeah, I think I was about 3-up on Paul. Now, that was 1-up after one, and then I think he started -- he concentrated.

Q. How did you feel when you saw you were played with Paul and Darren?
KEVIN AHERNE: If I had to pick two players out of the list of players to play with, it would have been those two. There was other players, and I would have loved to play them, and they were single players. But if I had to make a pairing, if you asked me, that's what I would have picked. Just fantastic.

Q. Did the day live up to expectations?
KEVIN AHERNE: Far exceeded it. It is indescribable. As an amateur golfer, you can't describe what it's like to play with world-class players who were coming up going, "All right, hey, how is it going."

Q. And were you very nervous when you started?
KEVIN AHERNE: Oh, yes. I could barely put the ball on the tee, honestly. And they are like, "Oh, you'll be all right."

Q. They helped you relax?
KEVIN AHERNE: They helped me relax. I just saw some awesome golf. Paul hits it incredible distances. It's just -- I said to Darren on one hole, one par 5, Paul had out-driven him by 45, 50 yards and I said to Darren, I said, "Why have you let Paul knock it past you?" And he said, "He was getting a bit kitschy, so laid back a bit."

Q. Did you do well at The King's Course yesterday to get this great pairing?
KEVIN AHERNE: I was up there, but I wasn't the leader. I think I would have been about fourth or fifth place I think. They didn't tell us what the scores were. They just told you who you played with.
I knew I had got in last night, because of where the cut for us was, so I was quite happy to make the tournament. And then when they did the dinner and the screens come up and they call your name out and then they go, and, "You're playing with" and they flash the two pictures up, and I've got Darren and Paul. I was like: "Yes!" I was clapping.

Q. How did you qualify for this week?
KEVIN AHERNE: Right from the start? The organiser in the U.K. for the Volvo Match Play team tour, amateur tour, they did a team tour, as well. So basically you played with someone and you're on match points and me and my partner won that. So we then got to go to the U.K. final, which is in Portugal. And then there were six spots all together in Portugal, top lady, the winner of the Amateur tour so there were three more spots to play for and I qualified in third place and I got here which is just fantastic.

Q. When was that, when was Portugal?
KEVIN AHERNE: That was late October.

Q. So you've known for a couple of months you were coming here?
KEVIN AHERNE: Yes, and in England it's been snowing and I'm thinking, I've been practising and there's six-foot of snow on the floor, and I've got to go and practise but thankfully the snow went and I could get a bit of practise in.
I'm in a dream at the moment, just fantastic.

Q. How old are you?

Q. And what were you doing -- are you retired now?
KEVIN AHERNE: Yes, I worked for Abby National and then Santander as a computer operator. And then I got made redundant end of 2009 and I took early retirement, good package and just play golf.

Q. What would you like to say to Volvo for their contribution to your great day?
KEVIN AHERNE: Amazing. Absolutely amazing. We have been treated like royalty. I think the idea is we were treated like the pros are treated. Well, if they are treated like this, it's just unbelievable. You can't describe it. They are just fantastic. Everything you want, they got my name wrong on my caddie's bib, they spelt it wrong, they left out the n and it's right everywhere else and I was like -- they said, don't worry, we'll sort it. And they came out to us on the fourth hole or fifth hole with the name all correct and put it on the bib, brilliant. They have just been wonderful.
I'm going to buy a Volvo now.

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