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January 29, 2011

James Kingston


Q. 15-under par, great total, how important was the up-and-down at the last?
JAMES KINGSTON: Obviously it just keeps you within a shot or two, plus, the fact that you shot three consecutive 67s, it's a great feeling. Obviously, like you say, it just keeps me right back in the hunt.

Q. 51 holes before you made a bogey in the championship. What was the key to that?
JAMES KINGSTON: I don't know. I played nicely this whole week. I kept the ball in play. Hit a lot of good iron shots in the right places, and my putting has really been good this week.
Probably was very disappointed to make that bogey on 16, and a 3-putt, as well. Probably one of the weakest bogeys I could have made this week. I probably had other chances like on the last where you don't get up-and-down from a bunker but to make your first bogey by 3-putting, it was pretty disappointing. But nevertheless, one bogey in 54 holes, not too bad.

Q. You said you were feeling a little bit tired, you've played six times in the last eight weeks, obviously going to South Africa, but you have enough to challenge tomorrow, I'm sure?
JAMES KINGSTON: Absolutely. I think the adrenaline also keeps you going, and used to this, it's just the difference is that most of the Europeans have had a few weeks off and they feel fresh and wanting to play, and for us, we have just kept going.
But on the other hand, maybe that gives you the little bit of match experience.

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