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January 29, 2011

Jhonattan Vegas


Q. How much fun is this right now?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: It's been a lot of fun. Like I always said, it's always a lot of fun playing great. I feel like I'm playing pretty good golf right now. Just getting myself -- today was an incredible day playing alongside Tiger Woods. I really enjoyed it a lot.

Q. How did you prepare to handle Tiger?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: You know, I don't think you can prepare for that. I think I just tried to really stay focused on what I was doing. I know I've been hitting really good shots. I just tried to stay focused and hitting great shots and I did.
It's not easy with the crowd and everything. It's tough, but I just enjoyed it. I'm having a great time, loving every moment of it and this moment especially.

Q. Have you surprised yourself at all how well you played?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: Not really, not really. Like I said, I've always dreamed of being here. I always knew that I had the opportunity to play here and play well. And so I'm just living my dream, just loving it, and having a great time and making a lot of birdies.

Q. Have you heard from people back home in Venezuela?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: Yeah, it's been a great support. It's been, like I said, everyone all the way from the president congratulating me, and that means a lot. That means a lot for me just to have the support of your country is huge. Like I said, the first Venezuelan and having a whole country behind you is always helpful. Like I said, it just made life a little easier.

Q. How's the course playing?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: The course is playing really hard. The fairways are fairly tough to hit because they're kind of firm. The wind picked up a little bit. The rough is high, and greens are firm, so it's playing tough. I mean, you've got to be able to control yourself on your shots on the greens.
If you're going to make a mistake, make it on the right side of the green. So that's kind of what I've been able to do fairly well, so here we are.

Q. Did you talk to Tiger much today? Did you have conversation?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: We had some brief conversations. Normal stuff, light stuff. But I mean, it was great just walking alongside of him. Like I said, it's an honor just to be playing around with Tiger Woods.

Q. Did he say anything about the new T-shirt or anything like that?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: Just to say, you see it. But he was great. We had a few questions about sports. It was a good day. I really enjoyed it. I felt comfortable playing with him. And the crowd was crazy, but it was fun. I enjoyed it.

Q. What does it make you feel like to know (Indiscernible)?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: I feel great. I was trying my best to stay out of his way and do my thing. So like I said, I feel great that he said that, so it's a compliment.

Q. In terms of the crowd and the pressure, were you able to still enjoy it some?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a lot. Like I said, just to see that on TV and just to be able to be a part of it, it's a pleasure. I mean, I just enjoyed it. If it was bad or good, you were there. You were enjoying the moment. I'm just loving it.

Q. Who in your family is here with you this week?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: I've got my dad, my mom and one of my great friends.

Q. Do they not live in the U.S.?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: My parents don't live here. My friend does. My parents came for the tournament in Hawaii, last week at the Bob Hope and this week here.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: Yes, I'm just trying to make them enjoy the moment as much as I can. And they're having a great time. They're loving watching golf, and, like I said, I'm happy for them.

Q. In terms of doing well on Sunday, does today give you some confidence?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: Oh, definitely. It's a huge confidence booster being able to play well on Sunday, especially a week ago. It's that confidence, you've just got to keep it going. You've got to stay focused, and keep playing hard. You never know what's going to happen. You've got to keep doing your best, and hopefully things will turn out pretty good.

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