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January 29, 2011

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: No doubt, I did not play well at all today. It was a struggle all day, and I finally found something at 16, but 15 holes already had gone by, so that was pretty frustrating.

Q. Even if you didn't play your best today, you're still in the tournament, but obviously very disappointing today.
TIGER WOODS: Well, I was trying to figure out there, even when I got it back to 1-over at the turn and that put me at 5. I just post 8 or 9, and I'm right there in the ball game.
Obviously, I couldn't get anything going in the back nine, but that was the goal of the back nine, but it just didn't make it happen.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it is what it is. I've made changes in the past. It's the same old motor patterns and they kind of kick in, especially when I have to place shots. And that is the hard part is kind of battling through that.
As I said, I found something at 16, but it was a little too little too late.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely. I told you guys back at Barclays that was the thing. In that week off, do I do it or not do it? And after I make the commitment, I make the commitment and I go.
I know what I can do. I know what I'm capable of hitting, the shots I'm capable of hitting, and I just need to keep improving and keep working.

Q. You've been through this process before, how long does it take to kick in?
TIGER WOODS: Well, one time it took two years, so I went through a stretch there from '97, the middle of '97 to May of '99 when I only went through one tournament. So I've been through stretches like that before, and it takes time.

Q. Is it just the issue that you're in a tournament and it's a battle?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely.

Q. That when you're at home, it's easy to do?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely. It's always easy to do it at home on the range. Then you have to do it on the golf course at home, and then once you're able do it there, now you have to do it out here. Then once you do it out here, you have to do it in contention. Then once you do it in contention, you have to do it in major championships. And then you have to do it on the back nine of a major and be successful.
So it it's a process, a building process. I've been through it before, and I hit some good shots out there, unfortunately, I hit way too many bad ones.

Q. You've got a pretty decent record. This is only the second time (Indiscernible). I guess it's an observation more than a question. You didn't have much going your way.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I didn't swing the club very well at all. Didn't feel comfortable, as I said, until 16. By then it's too late and the damage had already been done.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, Jhonny was fun to play with. I had never seen him play golf before. I've seen his brother hit a few shots back at Isleworth, but I'd never seen him hit a golf shot. It was neat to play with him. Really nice kid. He is a nice kid, so it was good to see him.
He was grinding out there. He had a couple of loose shots here and there, but he recovered well. So it's awfully nice to see. He had a lot of patience. He grinded his way around the golf course, and he put himself right there in contention going into tomorrow.

Q. In terms of what you want to see happen with your game, do you have a target time where you want to get yourself in more consistent form? Is there a timetable?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, Augusta.

Q. Augusta?
TIGER WOODS: Actually just for that one week. I need it in June, I need it in July, and I need one in August, so...

Q. By Augusta, you want to obviously try to get this all sorted out?
TIGER WOODS: You want to peak. That is the whole idea. I've always tried to peak four times a year. I've been successful at it 14 times in my career.

Q. What do you Hope to accomplish tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, hopefully, put a good round together, get something going early. And we'll see what happens. See if I can post something low, and you never know.

Q. Is it a setback?
TIGER WOODS: There's no such thing as a setback.

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