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January 29, 2011

Brandt Snedeker


Q. Talk about what this place means to you? You've had some good moments here at the Open?
BRANDT SNEDEKER: Yeah, I love this place. I don't know what it is about it. I think it's just being comfortable some place makes a big difference. Knowing where you can and can't miss it, and being comfortable on the greens is the most important thing. These greens are very tricky. They can get guys out of their comfort zone real quick. Having confidence on them makes a big difference.
I putted great the first three days. If I can find a wedge to hit some greens, I'll be okay.

Q. Did you do well today?
BRANDT SNEDEKER: Yeah, I hit the ball really well. I putted great. Until the back nine, I had a few screw ups there coming in, which is frustrating, but I'm putting fantastic, and I really drove it great today. So if I do that tomorrow, I'll have a good day.

Q. 18 here, you can go for it in two, right?
BRANDT SNEDEKER: Yeah, I had a chance. If I hit the fairway there I could have gotten it in two. So it's definitely gettable today. It's a good set up. It's fun.
It's fun where that green is. Guys are going for it in two. It's not an easy birdie, and it's a great hole.

Q. What did you have in?
BRANDT SNEDEKER: I was in the fairway bunker. I had 235 to the front, 250 to the hole. So it was very gettable.

Q. Set-up overall, is it U.S. Open style?
BRANDT SNEDEKER: No, it's not U.S. Open set-up. The greens are the firmest I've seen these greens since the Open, and this time of the year it's unheard of here. So it makes it play so much different. Balls roll so much more on the fairways. If you find yourself in the rough, you have to shape your shots to do well and control your ball on the green and that makes it play really well.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
BRANDT SNEDEKER: Yeah, so fairways play big, greens play big, and now it's the complete opposite.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
BRANDT SNEDEKER: It's not so much that as I think it's the greens. I played a lot of putts the first few days. I feel confident on this green. I had three-footers and four-footers that are rolling good; they just didn't go in the middle. You have to understand you get on the greens and they get a little fast and bumpy and four or five footers it can turn into a long day.

Q. How does the North this year compare to year's past?
BRANDT SNEDEKER: You know, there is so much rough up there right now, it's not doable anymore. It used to be, but not so much.

Q. Which do you prefer?
BRANDT SNEDEKER: Well, either way. The North course is always a fun, different kind of golf course than this one over here. It can be had if you're playing good. With that being said, you put so much expectation on yourself to go over there. You go to that hole and it turns into a hard golf course.
So I think it's great the way they have it. Rough, without rough, either way, it's a fun task.

Q. It was only about a shot harder?

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