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January 28, 2011

Fredrik Jacobson


Q. Another solid day. No bogeys for the second straight day.
FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, we played really solid today, and the weather has been so good. So if you play well, no bogeys, that's kind of the thing. If it happens, it happens. You can pick up a bogey along the way.
But there were actually some opportunities out there, and I hit a good wedge chip on the last, and I made two shots from off the green. I didn't make any birdies from on the green until the absolutely last hole to finish up the round.

Q. You're three back right now. A lot could happen this afternoon, but still shaping up to be a good finish?
FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, all I can do is try to play solid golf now. I really played well, and starting off the year the last couple of days have been exciting.
So I feel that I rolled my putts well. Wouldn't have hurt to make a few more putts, but I feel that all areas of the game are pretty good, so that's exciting.

Q. Any birdies stand out today of the ones that you had?
FREDRIK JACOBSON: Well, I made a nice one on one of the par-5s where I pitched in. I had like 110 yards to the flag, and the flag was in the bowl. So it was one of those nice one (Indiscernible) Had a really tricky pitch, and I made that one. So it was a good momentum shot there. A little bit of a trick shot, and when you make them, it keeps it exciting.

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