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January 28, 2011

Padraig Harrington


Q. Are you looking forward to playing with the amateurs tomorrow?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Anything that's new, refreshing good, to have a change of format and make things interesting. I'm all for tournaments being different, trying to add something new to the mix. We play a lot, 40 tournaments on the Tour, so it's nice to see some that are standing out.

Q. So you're a proponent of that?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Yes, absolutely.

Q. So can you talk us a little bit through your round today?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, I played a little bit better, scored poorly. Then showed some signs of being very raw, let's say, early season, and you know, yes, definitely not the sharpest at times at all. That was about it.

Q. Did you get over the not grounding your club in the bunker?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Yes, the bunker shots were better. All of that was better today, yeah, but just didn't -- left shots out there that maybe I shouldn't. I'll put that down to only my third round of the year.
A bit up-and-down, could have been better but the first couple of weeks is always a bit unsure from this time of the year.

Q. A lot of birdies out there.
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: I should have made more. Just not quite a hundred per cent sharp.

Q. You got three on the first nine?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, it's still okay at that stage, but I wasn't holing the 15-footers and the odd time over a wedge, tweak it a bit and hit it 15 feet rather than hitting it close. So little things like that, just a little bit of, you know, start of the year, a little bit tense.

Q. When the greens are receptive -- that's a real opportunity for you?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, absolutely. Depending on the weather conditions and pin positions but yeah, it's an opportunity for us on these greens.

Q. Normal for you at start of the year, a little bit raw?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: It always takes a while. Probably one of the disappointments of not getting four rounds in last week. I've only played three rounds this year.

Q. If you had played four rounds last week --
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: You get sharper every round, yeah, definitely.

Q. Did you get a buggy ride with a referee earlier?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, went to the toilet.

Q. What was the ruling? (Laughter).
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, I asked Andy to bring me over to the toilet. I had to go from the third fairway to the seventh, a hundred yards out of my way. Perfectly hydrated, that's all.

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