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January 28, 2011

James Kingston


Q. Give us your thoughts on that, a good day?
JAMES KINGSTON: Obviously when we got out this morning, it was raining and people didn't know exactly what this day was going to hold. But weather turned okay. Wind got off a little bit in the afternoon which made it a little trickier. All in all the golf course played nicely and I'm pretty pleased with the way I played.

Q. Was there anything particularly good, or was it just through the bag?
JAMES KINGSTON: No, just through the bag. I kept the ball in play for the most part of the day and I think I hit quite a few greens, gave myself a lot of chances. One or two where you had to work a little harder, but we managed to keep making the pars and still, only two behind at the moment.

Q. For a lot of people, this is sort of the start of the year, obviously for yourself, you played all of the events in South Africa. Do you think that's given you maybe an edge, a little bit game-sharper than some of the guys here?
JAMES KINGSTON: Maybe, maybe we are a little bit sharper, but again, this is my sixth event in like eight weeks. So the body almost feels like it wants a rest where a lot of the guys are fresh again. So it's six of 1 1/2 a dozen of the other.

Q. And a lot of good, steady performances, Top-10s, Top 15 performances in those South African events.
JAMES KINGSTON: Yeah, I've played nicely. Feels like I've given myself a lot of chances, one or two where I felt I probably could have done a little better, so steady stuff. That's what we are looking for.

Q. Do you have any goals for the year? Inside the top 20 of The Race to Dubai at the moment. What are the goals for the year, or is it a bit early to say?
JAMES KINGSTON: It's a bit early. I didn't have the best of years last year, a bit frustrating because I felt I played way better than where I finished. But the goal is to give yourself as many chances as you possibly can and just try to convert some of them, either win or good finish.

Q. A lot of people commenting on the greens, how tricky they are. How have you found them in terms of line, pace?
JAMES KINGSTON: They are tricky. I think the main goal is to try and leave yourself on the right side of the open side of it, don't short-side yourself, do that a few times, you're not always going to be able to get it up-and-down, and I think with the benign conditions at the moment, it's not too bad.
But I think if the wind really gets up, it's going to be tough to hit it in that right area all the time. So somewhere during the round, you're going to be faced with a couple of really tricky shots.

Q. So it's maybe not a course you can attack all-out, you've got to be a little bit careful?
JAMES KINGSTON: You've got to be wary, even with short irons into the greens sometimes depending where the flag; you have to be thinking about where you want to hit it or where you want to miss should you miss. I think that's what makes it hard to really get all of them pretty close to the flag.

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