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January 27, 2011

Anthony Paolucci


Q. How you feeling right now?
ANTHONY PAOLUCCI: I feel pretty calm, I think. Just came around that back nine. I feel like I played solid. On the first couple holes, I played pretty solid. I just put the ball on the wrong side.
Greens were a little firmer than I thought they were. I made a little adjustment on the back nine. But I hit a lot of good putts the whole day. I didn't do much different. Just able to make a few putts.

Q. Tell me about the putt on 8?
ANTHONY PAOLUCCI: That was, I was just going for a two-putt there. Hit it about probably 90 degrees away from the hole. Had a spot out there about ten feet in front of me where I wanted to hit it.
I hit my shot perfect. On the way there, it had perfect speed. I mean, I knew it had to go right to the hole, and sure enough, it turned right in.

Q. How many feet of break do you think you had?
ANTHONY PAOLUCCI: I had probably close to 15 or 20. The guys I was playing with there were four or five feet, and I hit it way outside that ball and sideways.

Q. So overall today, a good day, exciting day?
ANTHONY PAOLUCCI: Good day. Anything under par out here works. I was talking to a couple of the other guys, and they said get something on the South, then try to go low on the North and be in birdie mode.
So I got the 2-under here, and I'm just going to try to go low tomorrow.

Q. Tell me about the crowd? Who did you have in the crowd for you?
ANTHONY PAOLUCCI: My family, friends. It was awesome. I just felt support there. If I hit a good shot or made a putt, you've got the support there to keep going and keep plugging away. I think it was very beneficial for me today.

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