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January 27, 2011

Chris Kirk


Q. Couple comments on your round. You've obviously got to be pleased.
CHRIS KIRK: Yeah, it was a good time of day. Made a lot of good putts and made some really good saves. I'm in good shape. Yeah, got around nicely.

Q. How familiar were you with this course before you came in?
CHRIS KIRK: I had played the front nine once, and I had never seen the back nine. I started on 10, and basically asked my caddy where to hit it. Made it around the front nine, and I had a good back nine, 4-under.

Q. Have you ever played here on the North course?
CHRIS KIRK: I played the U.S. Open the South course. But I've managed to hobble around nine holes on the North on Tuesday, but I had to get a cortisone shot in my foot on Tuesday.

Q. Of this week?
CHRIS KIRK: Couple days ago.

Q. Why, what's wrong with your foot?
CHRIS KIRK: A neuroma. It's like a cyst that's inside of a nerve that just makes a couple of my toes hurt really bad when I walk.
So it's nothing too serious, but cortisone definitely helps it. It made me be able to walk without any pain today which was nice. It was the first time I've done that since Hawaii.

Q. I'm sorry, your right foot?
CHRIS KIRK: My right foot, yeah.

Q. You feel it in your swing at all?
CHRIS KIRK: No, it doesn't affect my swing. It was hurting all week last week. I was just taking a lot of Aleve and just kind of walking on it funny a little bit. But it was nice today to be able to just walk normal and not be putting all my weight weird on my foot like I was all week last week.

Q. You two feed off each other out there in these two low rounds?
CHRIS KIRK: Yeah, definitely. It was fun watching him play. We both played sort of a similar round. I mean, neither of our ball striking were quite flawless I would say. But you're going to miss fairways out here.
The fairways are so narrow on the North course up here. You're going to have to make saves. He chipped in twice, and I chipped in once, so it was nice to.

Q. Did you fist pump when you chipped in?
CHRIS KIRK: I did not fist pump when I chipped in. It would have been a good one today. It was about 50 yards from the left rough on 2. I hit a really good shot, but it was very, very lucky to go in.

Q. On 2, so was that an eagle or birdie?
CHRIS KIRK: An eagle.

Q. I was going to say. So you chipped in for eagle?

Q. How did you play the par-5's overall?
CHRIS KIRK: 2-under, two birdies and two pars. I was in the fairway on 18 and on 9, both of them I was on the fairway with 3-iron. Just hit bad shots on both of them and ended up making pars.
I had about a 10-footer on the last hole for birdie and hit a really good putt, and it just went over the edge.

Q. How important is it to keep it on the fairways on this course?
CHRIS KIRK: Yeah, definitely, you feel like you should birdie all of them. So definitely I left a couple out there on the par-5s. But I more than made up for them on some of the other holes.

Q. What did you do in the '08 Open? Where did you finish?
CHRIS KIRK: I made the cut and finished about last. I don't know if I finished last or not, but I finished about last. I know I was done way before Tiger teed off on Saturday and Sunday, but it was fun.

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