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January 27, 2011

Sergio Garcia


Q. First round of your season, no bogeys, lots of birdies, how do you feel about your day?
SERGIO GARC√ɬćA: It was good. It was definitely positive. A lot of good putts, a lot of good strokes. Some really nice shots, and a couple of shots in there that I kind of would like to hit again, but you know, I think it was definitely the right way to start the year.

Q. Overall, how much work have you done on the game since the last time you competed?
SERGIO GARC√ɬćA: Well, we played at the Dubai World Championship, that was my last event on The European Tour. Then the week after, we played the little event we have at home in Castell√ɬ≥n. So after that week, I pretty much took off. I have a couple of rounds here and there but not much until last Saturday, and then last Saturday I started practising and trying to get ready for the season.

Q. How much does this course examine the different aspects of the game?
SERGIO GARC√ɬćA: Well, it definitely -- it's not too bad off the tee. It's got some demanding holes, but overall, it's not too difficult off the tee. Around the greens is where it becomes tough, very, very hilly greens. It's a shame they are so hilly because you can't get them faster. If you did, then probably you would almost have no pin positions.
But other than that, I think it's fine.

Q. Were the pin positions quite generous today? The scoring is very low.
SERGIO GARC√ɬćA: There were some good ones, but they weren't too bad. There were some nice pins tucked in a couple of places, but overall, there's obviously a lot of pins that you can put out there that can be really, really difficult to get to, and I'm sure we'll see some as the week goes on.

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