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January 27, 2011

Peter Hanson


PETER HANSON: Very nice, bogey-free, nice to come here, especially been six for the last four, five six days, so nice to be able to get back on the golf course.

Q. Just a bad cold you've had?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, exactly, bad cold and high fever, so last weekend I was really bad, and Sunday -- I think it peaked Sunday evening, I had almost 40 degrees. So it makes it nice to come out and you lower your expectations when you haven't been able to prepare perfectly and maybe play a practise round.
Normally I would come to a new course already Monday, Tuesday something now, and I was still in bed and managed to get a nice round in yesterday with my Pro-Am partners to have a look at the golf course. Yeah, just nice to be out.
Last week I was very disappointed I got ill, because it's one of my favourite venues and my favourite weeks of the year. I've come close a few times.
Of course, it's hard to beat Kaymer now, and feeling really good about my game coming after the Royal Trophy, as well, I played really nicely there and felt that I was in good form. But there's nothing that you can do about your health, so when you get sick, it's hard to perform and trying to beat these guys, it was nice to get a bit of rest and feeling bet they are week again.

Q. I take it with the health the way it was, you didn't have any great expectations and you can play with a bit of freedom?
PETER HANSON: Exactly. It's kind of a mixed one because the way I said, coming off Royal Trophy and a week of practise afterward, I felt really on top of my game coming into last week.
So had really high expectations, and then it's hard not to be able to come out and do your best and maybe do yourself justice if that's the way, so you just have to take it easy this week as well and lay a little low with the practise and try to save that energy.
It's been a rough last week, so just going to go back and rest and hopefully come out and play exactly the same way I did today.

Q. Have to ask what you think of the place, the course in particular and Bahrain, have you seen any of it?
PETER HANSON: I haven't been outside my room, but played the course yesterday and I think it's a good track. I think it demands a lot of patience. The greens are very, very difficult, so there's two ways of looking at it I guess. Either you accept it and face the challenge, or, it's easy to lose your head and lose your patience. I just try to be very patient and try to seize the opportunity in every chip or every putt and every shot. Try to stay with that mind-set and then go out and do my best.

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