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January 27, 2011

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY: Shot of the day for me, perfect 5-wood in there about 258 yards up the hill and it capped off what was a bit of an up-and-down day really, a bit frustrated out there, but finished very, very strong and I'm happy with 5-under.

Q. An up-and-down day, double-bogey 17 to drop back to level par, what's going through your mind at that stage because clearly it's a low-scoring day?
PAUL CASEY: Trying to figure out where the golf ball is going. Hit the first one right in the water and second left in the bunker. Just one of those days I have not got great control of the golf ball right now but ground it out, and you're right, it's a golf course which is very, very scorable and the greens are slightly slower to allow guys to keep the ball on the green with some of these pins and you know, guys are going to take advantage of that.
Everything else is perfect. We have got great weather and the rest of the golf course -- the whole golf course is in spectacular shape.

Q. How important is imagination around these greens?
PAUL CASEY: I think it's pretty important. I guess you've got to be creative. You've just got to hit some wonderful iron shots to get close to these flags. They have got some flat areas and you're going to be rewarded with some fairly straightforward birdie putts if you get it close. And if you don't, sure, you need some imagination and you need probably a sense of humour as it rolls off the green. But it's the guys who have that that will be at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the week.

Q. Do you sit down and take stock at the end of the season about where you are, where you want to be and which aspects of the game you need to improve?

Q. Tell us how.
PAUL CASEY: Usually with Peter Kostis. He sometimes uses the word autopsy, which I don't really like, but we go through and we dissect the good and the bat, and put together the goals and the game plan to try and accomplish those goals.
So we have got that in place. You know, probably didn't have -- didn't get enough work in, really, before the Middle East, but there's no excuses now. We're in full swing and feeling good and looking forward to cracking on and trying to accomplish as many of those goals as I can.

Q. Opening round, second tournament of The Desert Swing, nice eagle, tell us a bit about your game today?
PAUL CASEY: It was an up-and-down day. It was, I thought, very, very scorable this morning when we teed off. It was just wonderful conditions, slightly cool, no breeze and I was making a bit of a mess of it. You know, there were lots of birdies available out there and having double-bogeyed the 17th hole, my eighth hole of the day, I dropped back to level par, so very, very happy to finish the way I did, a couple of birdies and then the eagle on the 9th hole to finish 5-under. Good to be in the clubhouse and not too far behind the leaders.

Q. Tell us about your impression on the tournament and also the course?
PAUL CASEY: Well, the tournament is wonderful. It's great that we have a fourth tournament in the Middle East now on the swing there. My first time to Bahrain. So I'm impressed with what I've seen so far. Once again, the Middle East, wonderful places, friendly people, they are keen for their golf. This is a golf course which, I don't think anybody really has seen apart from Monty. And I think tee-to-green, it's actually a wonderful golf course. And there have been a few vocal players this week about the greens, and they are very, very severe.
But somebody has to win this golf event, and I think, you know, we should appreciate the fact that we have got a wonderfully conditioned golf course and Volvo is stepping up to putt this wonderful tournament on. So the guy who puts these feelings about the severity of the greens to one side and has a sense of humour and just goes out there and plays great golf is going to be rewarded with a victory at the Volvo Golf Champions this year.

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