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January 27, 2011

Matteo Manassero


MATTEO MANASSERO: Today I would say that they set up the course fairly. Obviously the greens are very difficult and some pin positions are very, very difficult. So today they have been very conscious and they put some very accessible pin positions. I've been able to make a few today and not make many mistakes.
I think the only bogey I've done is because I missed a putt from two feet. It was a good round of golf.

Q. And I take it helps when it is pretty much flat calm like this and not much breeze?
MATTEO MANASSERO: Yeah, very good weather today.

Q. What do you think of these greens in light of the criticism?
MATTEO MANASSERO: Yeah, obviously the greens are very, very severe. It's like this for everybody, and I think the most important thing is place the ball in the right spot on the green and that's where you have the most advantage.
But anyway, I have to say the greens are very, very severe.

Q. Do you like that as an additional challenge?
MATTEO MANASSERO: I like that, yeah. Well, it's a bit different, but I think obviously as I was saying, they are very, very difficult putting on those greens, but the most difficult thing is to putt the ball where you don't have an impossible put. That's probably the most difficult thing.

Q. How did you winter? Did you have a good break?
MATTEO MANASSERO: Yeah, I had a good break. I needed it, it wasn't such a long year but it was pretty intense. So I have been working on the gym. I took off golf for maybe three weeks and then I started it again. I needed the break.

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