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January 27, 2011

Francesco Molinari


Q. How do you reflect on a round like that today?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Starting with a 66 is always nice and it was playing a bit tricky this afternoon with the wind picking up, so I'm really happy. I holed some important putts in the round, and I'm happy the way I played, so I'll try to do the same tomorrow again.

Q. You will have seen that there was some superlative scores in the flat, calm conditions early on. Were you cursing your lot when the wind picked up?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: No, not really, when you're out on the golf course you don't really have time to think about that sort of stuff, so I was just trying to focus, you know, and do the best score possible. Obviously in the back nine, there are a few par 5s, and one of them was playing downwind, so it was a bit of a help. And I mean it was probably a bit trickier than this morning but still a golf course that you can play even with the wind.

Q. I take it, therefore -- shooting in these conditions compared to what had been done before?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: I don't know how it was this morning, but you know, 6-under this afternoon, I thought it was a very good score, and you know, it's a perfect way to start the tournament. So now it's just time to get ready for the rest of the week and try to keep the scoring low for the rest of the week.

Q. After practise, did you envisage rounds of this nature, this kind of score?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: I think it depends a lot on the conditions and on the pin placements. The greens are quite slopey, so if they want to be mean with the pin placement, they can. Today they were quite accessible, but watching some of the pin placements for tomorrow, I think tomorrow the scoring might be not as low as today.

Q. How would you characterise your form coming off Abu Dhabi where you had a nice surge over the weekend?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, I mean, Abu Dhabi was a good ball-striking week, but I didn't make a lot of putts during the week and Sunday was different. And I think I just carried the good putting on from there and today again, I holed some nice putts.
The ball-striking, I'm not 100 per cent happy with it, but you know, that's the way I am, so I guess I can still play even if it's not 100 per cent.

Q. I have to ask how you wintered; did you have a good break? Were you able to reflect on the wonderful performances of Shanghai and last year?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Well, we have a baby coming in a few weeks and have to get ready and go shopping for dresser and carrier and all this sort of stuff. It was a busy time but it was relaxing at the same time.

Q. Take it that means that your mind is not entirely on golf at the moment?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: It is at the moment but it might not be in a couple of weeks. My thought was to come out the first couple of weeks and try to do very well, because you know, it's going to be a tough time in a few weeks. I might not get the same sleep as I'm getting now. So I need to make an effort in these weeks.

Q. And if the call comes that the baby is coming early, do you go?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Well, hopefully not this early, but I'm planning on a break anyway. I'm probably not going to play the Match Play to stay home a few more weeks. Hopefully everything will go according to the plans.

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