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January 27, 2011

Alvaro Quiros


Q. How do you feel about the start?
ALVARO QUIROS: Well, unfortunately I hit a few bad shots and I paid for it. I made two double-bogeys, after 18 holes, it's difficult to say that I'm very happy. But at the same time, 5-under, it can never be a bad score. So, happy.

Q. And can you not concentrate on those double-bogeys; you look at all of those red figures on the board?
ALVARO QUIROS: Yeah, completely right, you have to be concentrating on the good things that I make today. I made a lot of birdies, I holed a lot of good putts, so this is the positive thing of the day.

Q. What did you expect going into the round?
ALVARO QUIROS: Obviously I was hitting very good shots. Except four bad shots that I hit, I would say my note after the day is about eight, so it's not a bad note. Obviously the putting surfaces are not great.
At the same time, it's difficult to hold putts. I would not think that this golf tournament is going to be winning with a very low score, but, you know, as you can see, we have perfect weather today, no wind, sunshine, so we will see.

Q. Is it the kind of course that plays into your hands?
ALVARO QUIROS: Well, obviously I have to say I feel comfortable with the driver here on these fairways, but at the same time, the flags could be in a very tight positions, so if you are not in a good spot in the fairways, really, really good approach to the flags.
So I have to be careful with it.

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