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January 27, 2011

Bill Haas


BILL HAAS: Got off to a nice start, birdied the first two, and then number 4, so it's 3-under through four. Then the next ten holes, I made some nice saves and never had any good looks at birdies.
Number 6, I made it for par, and number 7, I made par. I hit a good shot at 17 and made birdie, and then 18, I hit it (indiscernible) and made that. I would have liked to have that eagle.

Q. You were shooting for eagle there?

Q. What did you hit in?
BILL HAAS: 7-iron actually. Little downwind and the balls are running. If you can hit these fairways, you have short clubs in, but they grew the rough in and the fairways are pretty narrow. So when you do hit fairways, you have to take advantage.

Q. Phil said it's the hardest he may have seen the North course?
BILL HAAS: I agree with that. I agree with that. It's just, if you drive it on the fairway, they made it narrow, narrower, and the rough is thick. So if you're missing fairways, you're not going to be able to hit a good shot.
But if you do drive it well, they're shorter irons than I've ever seen in too just because of how firm it is. I've never seen it play this firm. I didn't play Open here, so I haven't seen it like this.

Q. I believe your dad won here?

Q. He won in the '90s or '80s?
BILL HAAS: Yeah, it was his first win '81, maybe.

Q. It was his first win?
BILL HAAS: I'm pretty sure.

Q. Little history there. Do you feel like you've got to live up to Pop's example there?
BILL HAAS: I don't think I have to live up to it, no. I think the bar he set with his career is very high. If I have half the career he's had, I'll be happy. I'm just trying to play well. If you hit it good and you make some putts, you can compete out here.

Q. If you have half his career, you'll make four times the money.
BILL HAAS: Exactly. I mean, we don't play for the money, but it is nice. I mean, we do play for the money, but obviously you want to have the finishes and cuts made record is something that I always -- people don't realize how hard he worked and how good of a career he had.
So, yeah, if I can play 15 years out here, he played 30 and he's still going, 30-something years. So I'm just happy to be out here.

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