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January 23, 2011

Bill Haas


Q. In a span of 45 minutes you would have said, Yeah, man I'm probably going to get at least one birdie.
BILL HAAS: Absolutely. I drove the ball great all day, and I hit a bad drive on 18. I was a little jacked up, got a little ahead of it. And in that right rough, you don't have much. You don't know how good of a shot Gary just hit there.
I was happy to hit over the water and to have a pitch at it. It was a tough pitch and I tried to pitch it through the rough, and I was trying to get it close. I could have maybe lobbed it up there and hit it maybe 15 feet by, but I thought that was my best chance to get it close, and it didn't work out. But what are you going to do?

Q. You had some chances on that last nine going in and they just wouldn't fall?
BILL HAAS: Absolutely. 15, 10-footer, 17 about a 15-footer, 3-putted 18, and then I know it was 20 feet. But that's still makable on the last hole. So a lot of misses there.
But 27-under, I made a lot of putts too. So unfortunately the misses are, they're highlighted there on the last hole when you need them, but I won't hang my head too much.

Q. Still a good week for the defending champ. Thanks for talking with us.
BILL HAAS: Thank you.

Q. You said you thought you were going to have to go low today, did you think that 27 would have been enough at the start of the day?
BILL HAAS: I thought it would have a chance. I did say that I wanted to get to 27, and if I had more holes left then great. But that's the number I wanted to get to. And sure enough, after 16 holes, I was 27 and had two looks. I birdied 17 and 18 last year, and I could have easily done it this year. And if I 2-putt 18 here, I win.
No, who is to say what Jhonattan would have done there on 1 if he knows he's tied. But just didn't work out. I didn't execute in crunch time.

Q. Two consecutive years, two brilliant performances really on these golf course, what is it about this place that seems to turn your game on?
BILL HAAS: I don't know. I love it here in the desert. I practice out here in the offseason a little bit. I feel good here, the elements aren't that intimidating, usually no wind, the temperature is perfect. I don't know. I feel comfortable out here and hopefully next year it will be a different story, you never know.

Q. Was there any thought on the tee of the playoff that you're the guy who's won tournaments and these two guys haven't?
BILL HAAS: Not really. I wish I was that confident. I am confident in what I do, but that was the first, my first playoff and their first playoff on the PGA TOUR. So there was nerves there for everybody. I think it showed. All three of us didn't hit great drives. Jhonattan's was the best, obviously, hitting the fairway.
But then they hit better shots, better second shots. And Jhonattan hit a better third shot. You just got to hit a good third shot there and none of mine worked out. They did it and I didn't. And it's nothing to do with experience there. It's one hole, you got hit good shots and they did.

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