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January 23, 2011

Brian Gay


Q. First guy to post a number that might be worth looking at late in the afternoon, Brian Gay. Starting out early, on the back side, bogey the first hole, you're 13-under, you're 11 shots back, what are you thinking going to the par-5 11th and then what happened?
BRIAN GAY: I wasn't in the best of spots. Just probably the hardest shot on the golf course, blowing about 20 in our face, right over that water there on 10. And I started with a bogey. I bogeyed the last two holes yesterday and had just not a good night thinking about that.
Then I don't know, I just kind of got it going a few holes later and got hot coming into that back side, just kind of got on a roll.

Q. Six birdies in a row around the turn, that began at the par-3, you got both 15 and 17.
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I did. I made a nice putt off the fringe on 15 and a nice putt on 17. Actually, I hit it, missed a short one on 14, I hit it in there just about six feet behind the hole and missed it. But I made some good ones.

Q. Talk about the wind. You talked about it on the first shot, and that is a scary shot at 10 to begin things. How did it affect your play throughout the day, because it was up-and-down all day.
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, the first four holes are really tough. I mean, 11's normally an easy par-5 and I couldn't reach it today into that wind, hit a nice wedge in there close and made birdie.
But 10, 12, and 13 were all you wanted this morning. Then we caught a break, downwind coming home and then back out starting the front nine, right back into it again. So you caught some breaks down wind, but you had to hit some shots.

Q. Did you guys ever give any thought to that magic number when you really got it going through like the second hole, the 11th hole of the day?
BRIAN GAY: Not really. I want to say over there on two or three it kind of popped up. I'd made a bunch in a row and I didn't know even know where I stood and I started to write it down and I said, forget it, I'll just figure it out later.

Q. And yet you kept it going down the stretch, nice birdies at 6 and 8 coming in.
BRIAN GAY: I probably hit the wrong club off of 7 tee, but made a good four and that hole is usually into the wind, it played short and I pulled it into the left bunker and made a good par.

Q. Played well last week, playing well this week, now you're going to take a week off?
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I'm going to take a break for a week and come out for a couple more.

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