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January 22, 2011

Lee Janzen


Q. Talk about the hole-in-one.
LEE JANZEN: Well, I had the shot in mind, with basically no wind at all, just shooting straight at the pin. So yardage and club, I wanted to hit a high draw right at the pin, and it started right at the pin and drew. It was going right at it, and I felt like I hit the yardage I was trying to hit it. So as it was going towards the pin, just sitting there waiting, see where it would land, it landed straight at it.
So I knew when it hit the ground it had a chance to disappear and it did. It didn't land very far from the hole, inside of a foot. So it didn't have very much time to miss.

Q. Did you see it from the tee box because of the drop?

Q. How many people were around to see it? Anybody? Just the group?
LEE JANZEN: There were a few people up by the green milling around and -- I would really estimate probably about 50 people saw it go in. I'm sure hundreds of thousands of people will say they were there, but they were not.

Q. How many hole-in-ones is that for you on TOUR?
LEE JANZEN: It's 18 hole-in-ones. Competitive play, I would really have to think about it, how many tournaments. This is the second one I made in this tournament though. I made one at Hilton Head and Tucson and PGA, CVS, I have at least six in competition that I can think of.


Q. Do you remember what year you last aced here at this tournament?
LEE JANZEN: I don't. It was Bermuda Dunes, No. 12. And I don't remember if it was the first or second round. Third hole of the day though. I started on the back. I do remember that. That was an 8-iron shot.

Q. What was the club and distance today?
LEE JANZEN: 193, 5-iron.

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