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January 22, 2011

Bill Haas


Q. (Inaudible)?
BILL HAAS: It's just nice here. When you know everybody in front of you is making birdies, it's nice to get off and birdie the first hole. And a couple of par-5s, I was able to 2-putt for birdies. I complained earlier in the week that I wasn't making as many as I would like, and today I made up for it.
So hopefully I'll have that same feeling for tomorrow. I got a lot of golf left. It's going to take another 64 probably to win at least, so we'll see.
But I'm glad I put myself in that position to do it tomorrow.

Q. Six birdies in a row at one point and then came to 13 from about 16, middle of the fairway but lost it to the right. What happened?
BILL HAAS: I just kind of got lazy. I was telling myself good tempo, I didn't hit it. The club I had could get me all the way to the hole so I was really trying to get it 20 feet under the hole and just got lazy, slid into it, and hit a poor shot. And hitting, it wasn't enough club, and so obviously it was right and shorter than that, and the ball went in the water. So it was an awful shot, terrible.
So I can't think about that tomorrow, I just got to go out and feed off all the birdies.

Q. And as far as tomorrow goes, a year ago you were one back going to the final 18, now three. But there's not a lot of guys between you and the leader?
BILL HAAS: Right. It's going to take a little bit of me playing really well again, and it's going to take a little bit of maybe them not having as great of a day. So I think the weather's supposed to be perfect like this again tomorrow. They're probably going to shoot at least 3- or 4-under, so that means I got to shoot seven or eight.
So that's just what it is. But tomorrow come out and hit some good shots and if I play decent I'll be fine.

Q. I believe Johnny Miller was the last back-to-back winner. That would be pretty good company.
BILL HAAS: Absolutely it would be. I would be honored. I just like it here in the desert and am happy to get off to a good start here.

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