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January 22, 2011

David Lynn


Q. 67 in the third round, you must be delighted.
DAVID LYNN: Yeah, obviously carried on the form from the first two days. I think I missed one green in regulation today, and then chipped that one down close, saved my par, so no bogeys, five birdies. All in all, very good third round.

Q. You said you were a little bit surprised at how well you played so early, because you haven't had a lot of practise. Is your confidence now, like, well, feels like I haven't been away?
DAVID LYNN: It is feeling a bit like that and it's a bit strange. I mean, it's not that you don't expect to hit the ball half-decent, but it's your ability to sort of grind out scores or the sort of feel shots for the wedges and things like that. That's where the rust tends to come in when you've had such a long layoff.
To be honest with you, the first couple of days, I did have a couple of poor feel shots from a hundred yards in but managed to scramble my way out of those. And, yeah, obviously the more you play now, the more you get your feel back and you get your golfing grind head on, and obviously I didn't need to grind that much because I hit 17 greens.

Q. You've won before, the Dutch Open, do you think tomorrow that the mind-set, right, won before and can do it again?
DAVID LYNN: Yeah, that's always in your mind, yeah. Although I won in 2004, so it's been a while. Last year I had a really good chance in Austria and made it into a playoff. And so that actually, I needed that in Austria, really, because I was beginning to get a bit disheartened with it and wondering if the ability was still there. Because it's not been a great couple of years for me.
So that happened in Austria and I thought, hang on a minute, still in the locker some where, so just got to find it. The first three days here are good, so wouldn't mind a bit of the same tomorrow.

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