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January 22, 2011

Alexander Noren


ALEXANDER NOREN: I never putted better and I've never hit worse, started with on my first 12, 13 holes, I had two two-putts. And the rest of them were 1-putts.
So I mean, when I hit the green, I hit it actually pretty close. But you know, it feels so easy when you get everything going. And then I started driving it better on 13 or 14, so it just made it a little bit easier down the last few holes which are a bit longer. But it was a lot of fun.

Q. Essentially this is 2 1/2 good days, or one hole, that was your undoing?
ALEXANDER NOREN: Yeah, I hit a few bad shots, and that happens. But either you cry or you stick with it. And yeah, so it felt nice to get in with 5-under today.

Q. You didn't beat yourself up last night?
ALEXANDER NOREN: No, no. I never do. I hit too many bad shots for that.

Q. You're right in the mix.
ALEXANDER NOREN: Yeah, Kaymer is playing good still, isn't he. So, yeah -- with a few good shots tomorrow, maybe. Fun to be up here.

Q. It's a while until we know what target you have to reach but presumably you'll have to shoot 67, 66?
ALEXANDER NOREN: Yeah, so I'm just trying to -- I'm just thinking of going to the range now and have a good night and see what happens.

Q. Not bad at all, is it, for a tournament like this, out in the sunshine we have at least, as well.
ALEXANDER NOREN: Yeah, I was thinking about playing the last four compared to playing the last four yesterday. It's a little bit different.

Q. A little bit different because it was a lovely way to finish, wasn't it.
ALEXANDER NOREN: Yeah, I mean, it's nice. This is perfect weather.

Q. Tell me about the final hole and the birdie that putt you right up there.
ALEXANDER NOREN: Yeah, I hit a good drive just in front the bunker and then I had 224 metres, which is pretty much perfect for my hybrid. And I hit it -- I lost it in the air and then I thought, okay, I don't know where it is, but I look at the pin and it landed right by the pin. I had a pretty straight downhill putt which I thought was lightning.

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