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January 21, 2011

Niclas Fasth


NICLAS FASTH: All in all, it was a decent one. It was way more up-and-down today. Especially on the long game, but I played significantly better on the back nine, and got a couple of shots back. Putting well all day. Just like yesterday.

Q. Is there something about conditions today? Most players have not managed to scale the heights of the first day?
NICLAS FASTH: You would have thought it was easier today. But I mean, it's hard to say. I was struggling a little bit with my long game especially on the first nine today. How do you evaluate, apparently the scoring is not as low and it usually tells the story, doesn't it.

Q. It usually does. You find yourself in a good position.
NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, I'm really pleased. Especially great start yesterday. I was really happy and struggling a little bit today. I felt really good turning it around. It gives me a bit of confidence. And yes, a few bad shots on the front nine but no, it's coming together.

Q. We spoke about how you had wintered. I take it you're positive in the new season?
NICLAS FASTH: Very. The things I've been working on seem to make things happen a bit, and that's the first thing you want to see when you come out. This is great.

Q. Off on a tangent a bit, usually used to seeing you playing in the sun shades, hardly seeing your eyes whatsoever, now I can see those wonderful eyes, but you've got different glasses. What's the story?
NICLAS FASTH: I'll try to get a pair of shades. The eyes are getting a little bit worse again. I had an operation, the usual laser stuff, eight years ago. It was really, really good for six, seven years. I guess I shouldn't be unhappy, but I am. I don't want to wear glasses but I'll be stuck with it for a year or two.

Q. And you can't have further laser surgery?
NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, but it's not bad enough.

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