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January 21, 2011

Colin Montgomerie


Q. Colin, 5-under par for two rounds, good scoring. Four twos suggests the irons are very good?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I tell you what, it does suggest is the par 3s are 7-irons, 8-irons, 6-irons, which favours me. That's always been my strength is my good iron play.
Yeah, I should have had four twos today. I hit a 6-iron into the 12th hole and missed it from about ten foot so should have had four twos, had two twos yesterday. I've had an inordinate number of twos in my career. If someone could ever waste a year and find out how many twos I've had in my career; a lot. More than anyone else out here, for sure.
I've always done well on par 3s, always, and if I don't have a two, there's a problem. One iron shot goes close out of the four, normally.

Q. Looking back over your career, New Year's resolution, getting back into the Top 50, key to that?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: That's what key to that; you can hit as many good iron shots as you want, but if you're not actually taking the reward that's coming your way, there's no point. So you've got to take advantage of those good iron shots.
And that's what I've got to do over the next two years is hole putts, hole puts from ten foot, eight-foot, six feet. They are the ones that have got to go in a few have gone in over the last couple of days. 5-under is okay, it's not sparkling but it's not bad, but it's another cut made and I look forward to the weekend.

Q. Your reaction to José Maria being named Ryder Cup Captain?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Right, I think it was the only move that Europe can put together to try and retain The Ryder Cup. And I spoke to him out there, we played together for ten hours, he's happy with Davis Love III as his opposing number, a very fair man and a very well respected man and they both are in the game of golf and it's only right that they should lead both teams. And I said to him, beyond me to give him any support or any help out of the whole Tour, as it was, is behind him, as it was behind me.

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