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January 21, 2011

Chris Couch


Q. (Inaudible.)
CHRIS COUCH: It felt good today. Like I said yesterday, I was worried earlier in the week, packing the bag, it's always something, but I didn't even know if I was going to be able to play, but it's felt better every day, so hopefully it will stay that way.

Q. You didn't have it wrapped, you got some bracelets on it and whatever, but you haven't done anything extra to it during the round today.
CHRIS COUCH: No, I don't know if these things work or not, but they seem to be helping, so I figure they can't hurt.

Q. Yesterday you only made one birdie on a par-5, today the par-5s saved your day, didn't they?
CHRIS COUCH: They did. You got to take the par-5s out here and that's where you score.
I made a few mistakes, I had a few bogeys today, but I'm still a little rusty, so I'll take 69 today, I didn't feel great about my putting, I missed some putts I probably should have made, but hopefully we'll get that straightened out this afternoon and get them tomorrow.

Q. Is this the kind of, because you're playing different courses and you're all spread out, where you have to kind of play against yourself for the first four days and say, okay, five a day will get me in the hunt and that's what you've done?
CHRIS COUCH: That's been my goal and I'm right on it right now. So my goal is five tomorrow and if I can get to 20, that will give me a chance on Sunday. That was my goal all week, just shoot five a day, total of 25, that's usually pretty close to the lead so, we'll see what happens.

Q. Gets get you to six or seven tomorrow and then make a run at it?
CHRIS COUCH: That will be real nice.

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