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January 20, 2011

Chris Couch


Q. (Inaudible.)
CHRIS COUCH: I really have a whole lot of expectations going out there with that wind. But I think this is probably the toughest golf course, in my opinion. And just battled good today. I hit a lot of good shots, I got away with a couple bad ones, so that's what happens when you shoot low.
So, but the short game was good and hopefully I'll keep that going the next three days.

Q. What was the key to your round? What was working for you today and what was sort of your strategy on this golf course?
CHRIS COUCH: I hit my woods really well. I think I had three, 3-woods into par-4s or something. And I had a 5-wood into the par-4 and a 7-wood into 17. 15, 16, 17, I hit 3-wood into 15, made a birdie.
And I hit 5-wood into 16 and made par.
I hit 7-wood into 17 and made birdie.
So that's huge. That's gaining a couple shots there at least.
So my fairway woods were very good today and we just had a good game plan and hit the ball in the right spots a lot of times and had some easy up-and-downs, so it worked out good.

Q. As it stands now you you're one shot off the lead, you having played the two courses that tend to yield the highest scores, how do you like your position right now?
CHRIS COUCH: It's hard to tell. It's hard to say when you got four golf courses going on what the deal is. I'm just going to keep trying to plug away and my goal was 5-under each round and right now I'm two ahead of that.
So it's still my goal, 25-under for the tournament and if I don't get there, I don't get there. If I do, great. If I get better, you know, then I got a shot to win the tournament, I think. But, you know, I'm just going to try to stick with my goal for now.

Q. How would you rate your form or the shape of your game coming into this tournament based on what you've done in the last month or so in practice?
CHRIS COUCH: I haven't practiced a whole lot. Last month I practice pretty hard, but I took some time off in the off season, I didn't play the fall series last year, my wife got sick and I had to deal with that and she had to deal with that, but we got through it.
And so I didn't get a whole lot of practice in during the fall, but I practiced hard for about the last month or so and I would say my game was pretty mediocre coming in, but I got my coach here and he's a quick worker. He knows my swing real well and I trust in him. And I got a great caddie reading the greens, he's a great reader of these greens, so that helps.

Q. How would you describe coming into this year your debut for 2011 versus where you were last year facing having to get your exempt status back?
CHRIS COUCH: It's pretty much the same. I still got to Top-125 again this year, so I just try to take it one tournament at a time. Throughout my career I've been trying to become a more consistent player and I'm hoping that that will show in the years to come.
I feel like I played very consistent last year, gave myself some chances on the leaderboard, didn't get a win out of it, but you keep giving your chances, sooner or later you're going to have that good Sunday and it will happen.
But, so I'm just going to trust in God and hopefully stay healthy. I sprained my wrist coming into this week packing the car up to get on the airplane and didn't even know if I was going to be able to play. But lucky enough I was able to play.

Q. Is it true you needed to take out a loan last year to be able to come out to the winter TOUR?
CHRIS COUCH: Yeah, we -- we had a little bit of money, but I had two years off, thank God I won in 2006, because that kind of carried over some money for a couple years, you know, a lot of bills coming in, nothing, nothing as far as income coming in, so that hurts.
So we borrowed a little money from my in-laws and we got out here and we got off to a good start, made the first three cuts, so we were able to pay them back right away and get the year going.

Q. You touched on your wrist injury, how close were you to maybe calling it off this week?
CHRIS COUCH: Man, I tell you, when I was on the airplane on the way over I was in excruciating pain. I didn't know how I was going to be able to play and, but, you know, I don't know if these things help or what.

Q. You just ice it down or do anything special?
CHRIS COUCH: I did, I wrapped it, you know, for two days and iced it down constantly. I was able to hit balls and play on Monday, which was surprising. I only swung at about 70 percent, but at least I got a feel for the courses. And then Tuesday it started feeling better and it's felt better every day. So cross your fingers it will stay good.

Q. What specifically is that that you are wearing on your wrist?
CHRIS COUCH: I wear a copper bracelet, a TrionZ and some Energy Force thing.

Q. So you're doing whatever works?
CHRIS COUCH: I got all kind of problems with my left, I got tendonitis, I sprained my wrist this week, and I had shoulder surgery. I need to chop it off and get a bionic arm.

Q. You're not supposed to have that in the beginning of the year, right.
CHRIS COUCH: That's why just being out here every week, having those two years off, it's just a pleasure to be out here.

Q. Are you enjoying the game more than you ever have?
CHRIS COUCH: I am. And I'm out here glorifying God. And I feel so lucky that he's given me another chance. So I'm just going to keep having fun and whatever happens, happens.

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